I’m in trouble! My wife brought home a house help and she is my “side chick”

I have been married to my wife for three years now and I must say, my wife is the best woman a man can have. She is caring, patient, hardworking, adorable, respectful…my wife is everything. We got married her when she was in 500 level but despite that, she still fulfilled her wifely duties whenever she was around.
When my wife graduated from the university, I was literally the happiest man on earth. Well, I won’t really say I was that happy but one thing I was sure of was that I felt a feeling of relief. Finally, we could behave like proper newlyweds and could spend the day smiling happily at each other. That was what I expected but that was not what I received. The first two months of her post graduate days were good but afterwards, it began to feel like I didn’t love my wife again. I couldn’t understand what happened but it felt like the chemistry we had once had disappeared.
I was not happy because of the new development but I could do little about it. The following year, my wife gave birth and the love was reignited but it was short-lived. Our baby boy made me so jealous. He got most of the attention and I was really angry with the way he would cry at night and disturb our lovey-dovey activities.
When my wife gave birth the second time; this time to a baby girl, I couldn’t take it. The children got most of the attention. It was like my wife didn’t care about me enough even though she tried her best to. I got tired of our marriage at one point and my attention was caught by a girl who I met one day. Permit me to tell you the story:
Her name was Faidat, I met her at a bar one night and I kind of committed adultery with her. It was supposed to be a one night thing but this woman was so into me. She wanted us to meet again and I couldn’t refuse. Our sinful affairs continued as a result. It became more and more difficult to stop. I told her that I was married but she didn’t care.
One day, when my wife almost caught us discussing on the phone, I had to make a decision. I called her and told her that it was over between us. She begged, she cried but I couldn’t rescind my decision. I was a man married with two kids: a boy and a girl.
After days of begging, she told me something that I couldn’t understand at that time. She said, “it’s not over until she says so.”
Two days later, my wife began bugging me about getting an house help that would help us take care of our kids. I was reluctant, it meant more drain on our finances. However, my wife convinced me so I gave her the power to choose whosoever she wants.
About a week later, my wife came home with a surprise. Not it was a gift, nor was it a cake, it was an human being, a woman. That woman would be our new house help. She was Faidat, my house help. I am in trouble…
To be continued…
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