The Truth About What Happened To Hannah Gale

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Who is Hannah Gale?

Hannah Gale is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who works as an influencer. As described by herself, she found success in blogging and vlogging by talking about contents that meet global demand.

As a brand influencer, Hannah is really popular. People seem to trust her judgement more than regular influencers. For example, a guest user on Guru Gossip once wrote “whenever Hannah works with a brand, I do get the feeling it’s more authentic rather than signing up foe any old cr*p that’ll throw money at her.”

How old is Hannah Gale?

The blogger was born on the 17th of September, 1989. That means that she is 31 years old. 

Hannah Gale family and siblings

Hannah Gale has four siblings; all are boys. Her parents are divorced and the reason for this is not known.

She is close to her father but she is estranged from her mother. Growing up as a child, she saw how her mother became addicted to alcohol. This could be the reason behind the estrangement.

Hannah Gale has often been quoted talking about her experience growing up; often saying a few things about her family.

Is Hannah Gale married?

Apparently, she is not married. She does have a partner though by the name of Chris Coleman but it does not appear that the pair are legally married.

Hannah Gale baby

Hannah Gale is a mother to two lovely kids; one named Atticus (or Atty for short) and the other whose name is not known at the moment. Atticus is the oldest. 

Her baby, Atticus Coleman, was born at exactly 2:54am, weighing 8 pounds and 5 ounces. 

His mother laboured for 30 hours; having first experienced contractions at 5pm on Saturday, December 30th.

The gender of her baby was not known until his birth as Hannah and her partner, Chris Coleman both decided not to find out what they were expecting.

Hannah Gale quits the internet

Until about a month ago, Hannah Gale went off the internet. At that time, she deleted almost every trace of her existence on the internet. Her Instagram with the username (hannahfgale) which had over 87,300 followers was also deleted and only recently did it become reinstated


Before we go into the sad story of why Hannah Gale quit the internet, let us talk about how her success story.

Hannah Gale’s road to success

Hannah Gale graduated from Kingston University way back in 2011. At the time she graduated, there was a recession and the print industry, something journalism was heavily reliant on at the time, was massively declining.

When it became increasingly frustrating and difficult to get a job in the sort of journalism she was taught in the university, Hannah Gale became an estate agent. According to her, she didn’t really enjoy her experience in the field. It was so different from her passion.

When Hannah Gale noticed the inclination of journalism towards the internet, she developed herself in the field.


Her success in this new style of journalism was almost unbelievable. Gale later worked as a senior reporter at She was also appointed the Digital Content Editor for three of UK’s top magazine; LOOKInstyle and Marie Claire. She achieved all these before she became 25. Isn’t that impressive?

Sometime later, Gale willingly left full-time journalism in favour of pouring all her effort and time into a self-owned fashion and beauty blog she named after herself.

Hannah Gale smiling selfie
Hannah Gale smiling

I’ve had about six blogs in total, most of them started whilst at university.”

Back in school, Gale recalled that they created blogs as one of their modules. No one really took interest in keeping it up and running at the time, mostly because they had no idea how profitable blogging could become at the time.


At the height of its influence, Hannah Gale’s blog posts (currently inactive) and vlog posts were getting no fewer than HALF A MILLION HITS PER MONTH.

Hannah recalled that she started with a free WordPress account. At the time, the blog had just a plain white theme.

She focused on listicles and regularly created content that met a global demand to ensure she stood out. At the time she started blogging, there was a lot of competition and the industry was heavily saturated. Gale noted that most blogs at the time focused on making reviews and style photos.

I try and make my contents a bit more wordy with lists and deeper posts that make you think.

“I don’t try and be anything I’m not and I open up a lot with my readers. It is the whole being so open with my emotions and thoughts in my head that makes my readers relate to me and my content.

Hannah Gale also cited the presence of online trolls as a battle every blogger will deal with. In fact, it was partly because of online trolls that Hannah Gale QUITTED THE INTERNET.

Why did Hannah Gale quit the internet?

There were numerous factors behind her somewhat shocking exit from the internet but what was believed to be the trigger was a racist slur she used in a 2013 blog post.

When the post was discovered by some of her critics, there was a lot of raised up dust.

It wasn’t long before comments relating to this began to appear under her Instagram posts. There was a constant demand for the post to be taken down. Followers had brought up this issue before and some claimed they sent her messages in her DM.


Hannah Gale claimed she didn’t see any of the messages. As a blogger and influencer who have been in the game for a while, she had learned to ignore comments on blog posts and Instagram DMs as these were often filled with unpleasant words from online trolls.

Tattle Life, an online forum site which focused on gossip about celebrities and influencers was where many anonymous users trolled her the most. Everything she did was gossiped about; from her family to even her items of clothing. Lies about her became accepted as facts.

Hannah Gale with her baby, Atticus
Hannah f gale with atticus


When comments wishing for the harm of her unborn child and herself got to Hannah, she made the decision to quit blogging: her livelihood. She also deleted her social media accounts. A career she built for seven years hit the self destruct button in a matter of months.

Is Hannah Gale back?

Yes she is back! Hannah Gale is back in business. Her Instagram account is up and running. She has already published some posts on the Leopard blog too.

Hannah Gale appears to have repented from her history with racism. In fact, the first few posts she made since her return to Instagram were campaigns against rcaial discrimination. 

Several people do not believe her though. They think she is doing all these just to get back her followers. 

Well, what do you think about her return? Say a word in the comments.

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