List Of Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships For 2022-2023 Academic Session


Have you been searching for Canadian scholarships which you can use to fulfill your academic goals?

A choice of one of the ongoing Scholarships in any Canadian university is the solution to your problem.

The Canadian government and some other bodies have prepared many scholarships for people like you. 

Do you know that thirty universities in Canada have made their way into the QS World University Rankings?


List of Canadian scholarships for 2022-2023 Academic Session.

Below is the list of the Canadian Universities that offer scholarships for both indigenous students and international students:

1) Halifax Canada Scholarships- Study free in Halifax, Canada. 

The applications for fully-funded scholarships admissions for the batch of 2022 – 2023 are now available for international students in Halifax City, Canada.

Halifax scholarships package benefits are:

  • The academic fee is totally or partially free


  • Students are exempted from admission and examination fees


  • Monthly expenditures and residence facilities funding 


  • Accessibility to laboratories and libraries 

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here. 

2) Dalhousie University Scholarships

Dalhousie University is a public research university in Canada that offers fully funded Canadian scholarships. In addition to this, the university provides the blow programs.

  • Undergraduate Studies
  • Graduate Studies
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Dentistry

Admission Application Fee – CAD$70

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

3) Saint Mary’s University Scholarships

Saint Mary’s University is a Catholic public university best known for its business and chemistry programs for undergraduates and graduates.

The university has the following faculties of arts, science, business, and education.

Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates in:

  • Academic Achievement Scholarships.
  • Accounting Achievement Scholarships.
  • Saint Mary’s University Alumni Leadership Award.
  • Saint Mary’s University Undergraduate Scholarships Program.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$40

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4) University of King’s College Scholarships

The University of King’s College is the oldest chartered and the first English-speaking university in the Commonwealth.

International students must enroll under foundation year, king honor’s, and journalism programs.

Educational Scholarships are in:

Undergraduate Degree Programs 

  • General Entrance Scholarships.
  • Major Entrance Scholarships.
  • Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships.
  • Prince Scholarships.
  • Global News Scholarships.

Graduate and Advanced Degree Programs 

  • Acadia Broadcasting Scholarships.
  • CTV News Atlantic Scholarships.
  • Audrey Stevenson Memorial Scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$70 for undergraduates, CAD$115 for postgraduates

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5) NSCAD University Scholarships

NSCAD University is a first-degree art school that is selective regarding admission.

It offers various fine arts and assistantship programs for international students.

The following scholarships are available at NSCAD for students:

  • Robert Pope Foundation Scholarships.
  • Roloff Beny Foundation Scholarships.
  • Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$0 (Free)

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6) Atlantic School of Theology Scholarships. 

Atlantic School of Theology is a graduate-level school that is best in providing education in Theology.

Candidates can also opt for Master’s degree courses such as Master of Divinity, Arts.

Chandler School of Theology offers the following scholarships

  • AST’s Entrance Scholarships.
  • International Students Bursary.
  • New Scotia Scholars Award.
  • AST-Administered Bursaries.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$50

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

7) Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships. 

Mount Saint Vincent University has dozens of scholarships for undergraduates and students in arts, science, and professional studies.

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships are. 

  • Entrance Scholarships of Mount Saint Vincent.
  • Graduate Women’s Studies Scholarships.
  • Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships.
  • Course scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$50

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

8) University of Montreal Scholarships

The University of Montreal has fully funded scholarships for all degree-level students in various disciplines. Online applications are opened for Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD

The university scholarships and financial aid programs for students are:

  • Entrance Scholarships.
  • Merit Scholarships for Existing Students.
  • Departmental Scholarships.
  • Need-Based Scholarships.

The school opens admission for Canadian National and international students thrice a year, during summer (July), Fall (September), and winter (February).

Financial Coverage Plans of the University of Montreal includes:

  • Full residential support.
  • Free semester tuition.
  • Airfare to and from home country.
  • Additional education costs.
  • Conference participation fee.
  • Experiment fee.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Medical insurance.

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

9) University de Montreal Entrance Scholarships.

The University of De Montreal offers three bachelor’s degree scholarships, each with different financial coverage provided based on the student’s previous academic record.

The levels are:

  • Level A – 11,998 CAD for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions), Or  5,999 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 399 per credit hour.
  • Level B – 5,718 CAD for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions) Or 2,859 CAD for a session (15 credits hours, Or 190.60 CAD per credit hour.
  • Level C – 2,000 CAD for a year ( 30 credit hours), 1,000 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 66.67 CAD per credit hour.

Master’s Degree Level Scholarships

The amount of scholarships for Master’s level at the University of Montreal has applied to 45 credit hours, a total of $27,300 per year for tuition fee.

Funding – 9,420 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or 3,140 CAD for a session (15 credits hours)

Ph.D. Level Scholarships

At the University of Montreal, Ph.D. Levels are applied to 45 credit hours, a total of #24,300 per year.

Funding – 19,339 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or  6,546 CAD for a session (15 credits hours)

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

10) University of Montreal Exemption Scholarships.

Based on the transcripts provided during the admission processes, international students who are not eligible to receive any other funding from the University of Montreal are assessed by these scholarships.

Bachelor’s Degree Level Scholarships

At the undergraduate level, this program is categorized into three as follows:

Level A – 12,465.60 for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions), 6,232.90 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 415.52 CAD per credit hour.

Level B – 5,940.90 CAD for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions), Or 6,232.90 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 198.03 per credit hour.

Level C – 2,078.10 CAD for a year (30 credit hours), Or 1,039.05 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 69.27 CAD per credit hour.

Masters Degree Level Scholarships

Funding – 9,787.95 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or 3,262.65 CAD for a session(15 credits hours)

Ph.D. Level Scholarships

Funding – 21,038.13 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or 7,012.71 CAD for a session (15 credits hours)

Eligibility requirements- International and Canadian students can apply for fortis scholarships. 

learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

11) University of Waterloo Scholarships 2022

The University of Waterloo will be accepting online applications for the fully-funded scholarships for the 2022 academic session.

Scholarships programs offered to the students are:

Entrance Scholarships (No Need of Applications Submission)

The University of Waterloo offers the following entrance Scholarships to students. No need for turning in documents other than those attached to their applications.

President’s Scholarships of Distinction

The entrance Scholarships worth – 2,000 CAD

International Experience Award Worth – 1,000 CAD, or

Research Award Worth – 1,500 CAD

President’s Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships Worth – 2,000 CAD

  • Merit Scholarships 

Entrance Scholarships Worth – 1,000 CAD

  • Entrance Scholarships (Sponsored by Alumni Donors 

Multiple Award –  ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 CAD

  • Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Considerable Award Worth –  10,000 CAD each. 

Entrance Scholarships (Need of Applications Submission)

Students need to submit documents of verification to qualify for the following awards.

The University of Waterloo Scholarships Sponsored by Alumni and Donors

The university’s alumni and other private donors have funded scholarships programs for undergraduate and research-based Master’s students, ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 CAD.

The scholarships awards are:

  • Deer Ridge Entrance Award – $3,500 for two awards.
  • Serbian Education Fund Entrance Award – Worth $1,000.
  • Hong Kong Alumni Association Entrance Awards –  two prizes worth $2,000.
  • Waterloo-China Hong Kong Entrance Scholarships – two awards worth $2,000 each.

Scholarships for Black and Indigenous Students:

  • Blackberry Scholars Entrance Awards – value $20,000 (for eight semesters)
  • Engineering Entrance Awards for Black and Indigenous Students + Five awards worth $5,000 each.
  • Scotiabank Entrance Scholarships – Worth $2,000.

Other Documented Scholarships

  • Schulich Leader Scholarships – Ranging from $80,000 to $100,000 for up to 100 awards.

Faculty Scholarships

In addition to entrance Scholarships, the following progress are offered scholarships

  • Honors Arts and Business Scholarships – Value $5,000.
  • Global Business and Digital Arts Scholarships – Value between $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Dean of Environment’s Scholarships for Excellence – Value $7,500
  • Faculty of Environment Students Engagement Awards – 25 awards value $2,000 each.
  • St. Paul’s International Development Continuing Scholarships – Four scholarships worth $10,000 for eight semesters.
  • National and Global Maths Scholarships – Ranging from $10,000 to #25,000 for eight semesters for up to ten awards 

Students are to apply and submit the required documents for scholarships and admissions applications on the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC).

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here.

12) University of Alberta Scholarships 2022 Without IELTS

Apply online for the fully-funded Canadian scholarships for international students, and Canadian citizens at the University of Alberta for the 2022-2023 academic session.

The list of Programs offered at the University includes undergraduate, post-graduate, master’s, Ph.D., research studies, and specialization programs.

All academic majors are offered in the University of Alberta, which singles the university out as one of the 5th top-ranked universities in the country.

The list of the study majors being offered at the University of Alberta are as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • IT
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Native Studies
  • Nursing
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Agricultural Life Alberta School of Business
  • Sciences
  • Fine Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation Medicine

Financial Advantages of the Scholarships

You can apply for scholarships without English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

  • Internationlikeents Scholarships – Worth $9,000 over four years. The students much have a visa permit.
  • Gold Standard Scholarships – Worth $6,000. It’s for the first top 5% of applicants.
  • Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship – Worth $5,000 per year.
  • Master’s Degree Scholarship – Worth $17,500 for Canadian Citizens, #27,500 for International Students.
  • Graduate Excellent Scholarship – Worth $15,000.

Eligibility Criteria

Students are to take note of the following before applying for the University of Alberta’s scholarships:

  • International and Canadian students can apply.
  • International Students must get a Visa permit.
  • Undergraduate students must provide their school transcripts.
  • Graduate students must provide undergraduate certificates.
  • Ph.D. students must provide graduate degree certificates.
  • An English proficiency certificate of  IELTS must be provided.

The below are more fully Funded Canadian Scholarships in Canada

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here.

13) University of Manitoba Scholarships

The University of Manitoba spends about 20 million for Master’s and doctoral students’ scholarship Programs every year.

  • Master’s students can get 14,000 CAD per year for a maximum of two years.
  • Doctoral Students can get 18,000 CAD, which is renewable for four years.

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here.

14) Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships are available for both national and international Ph.D. students in the fields of:

  • Humanities.
  • Social Sciences.

Ph.D. It- Worth 20,000 CAD a year.

Learn more about the scholarship opportunity here.

15) University of Calgary Scholarships

The university offers entrance Scholarships at the undergraduate level for International and Canadian students

Per year in the form of tuition fees. The scholarships can be gotten for four years provided the student can maintain a cumulative GPA of more than 2.6 

Scholarships Award – Worth 15,000 CAD

learn more about the scholarship opportunity here

16) Canadian Vernier    Scholarships Awards. 

Canadian Vernier Scholarships are non-direct application scholarships for doctoral students and students who have joined a combined Master’s, which leads straight to Ph.D. This scholarship is given in the fields of:

  • Humanities
  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering

Scholarships Awards – Worth 50,000 CAD a year for a maximum of three years.

learn more about the scholarship opportunity here.

17)Learn University Scholarships

The Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships at York University offers all the subject areas for students.

Entrance Awards are also available at the university.

Funding – 20,000 CAD.  

                 35,000 CAD (Entrance Awards)

The awards are renewable, provided the students maintain a certain CGPA.

Read also: How to get a Canadian scholarship. 

18) University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

The University of Toronto’s scholarship program is open for a total number of 37 undergraduate international students. The students must have a sense of excellence, leadership, and community.

The scholarship offers are:

  • Full tuition fee waiver.
  • Free accommodations.
  • Textbook coverage.

The students enjoy these scholarships for the four full years of study.

learn more on how to apply for the scholarship here.


 The opportunities presented before you are rare gems you need to dig into for your great future.

Moreover, you have the opportunity of working while studying, and you can also stay back in Canada to work in a suitable environment after you are through with your academics.

Excellent working conditions are made ready for you by the Canadian government.