Meet Joy Adesina The Best Graduating Medical Student Accused Of Sleeping With Lecturers For Grades 

Meet Joy Adesina The Best Graduating Medical Student Accused Of Sleeping With Lecturers For Grades 

Joy Adesina, She is known and addressed as Dr. Joy Oyinlola Adesina. Joy is the daughter of a civil servant mother and an Anglican Archbishop father. She is the niece of the former minister of Agriculture and the African Development Bank president, Dr. Akinwimi Adesina.

These multiple award-winning rare gems graduated with a CGPA of 4.84. With this, she came out as the best graduating student in the history of the faculty of Clinical Science, Obafemi Awolowo University.

In an interview she granted Vanguard Newspapers, she revealed that she was accused of sleeping with lecturers for grades by her mates. However, the allegations she convincingly debunked with facts and figures.

According to her, she comes from a supportive family. Her two parents do not joke with education. This is a great foundation.

They encouraged her to do very well in primary and secondary school and beyond, with close mentoring. Who wouldn’t do well in such an environment?

Because of her parent’s encouragement, she had always been on top of her class. Then her success in medical school she attributed to her aunt, the wife of the former Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Akinwumi.

She said the woman was personally responsible for her university education. And she played a very good role in her achievements.

Joy Adesina narrated her journey through school and ended by saying it did not come in a plate of gold. She said she never expected to fly that high.

Joy said in year one, she didn’t do well and felt like quitting. However, the motivation to do better came when she saw her year two results.

While still studying in the clinical science faculty, Obafemi Awolowo University, Joy carted away, whooping nine academic awards. The awards are listed as follows:

  • Nigeria Medical Science Award
  • Faculty Award
  • Olaningbe mMakanjuola Memorial Award
  • Dr. Oluyemi O. Bader Foundation Prize
  • Major General Olufemi Olutoye Prize
  • Adeline Olu Ajayi Prize
  • Glaxo Allenbury Prize
  • Paediatric Association of Nigeria Prize
  • Professor O Taiwo Memorial Prize

These prizes are awarded to the best in the medical school or faculty of clinical science at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Dr. Joy did not end it in prize-winning; her performance in academic work is top-notch. She came out with ten distinctions in almighty medical courses.

Joy said she got a call from His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun, the governor of Ogun state himself. The governor called to invite her for awards giving.

She was loaded with many awards, which included: Scholarship to study for her masters, A well-furnished bungalow, an opportunity for horsemanship in OOU, and 50 million Naira cash from the government of Ogun state.

In addition to that, Dr. Joy was widely celebrated, as the governor posted her on all the social network handles he operates.

The 23-year-old medical doctor was also celebrated for breaking a 29-year-old record in the faculty. So, you can add to her profile that she is also a record-breaking medical doctor.

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