If you were offered 2 million Naira to eat one of these meals, which one would you choose?

When we consider the diversity of culture and people on this planet, we cannot help but say that planet Earth is indeed a crazy planet. Sometimes, you discover some cultures that is just too weird for you to handle. It’s because of Earth’s diversity that you consider somethings exotic.
Food is an important element of a particular culture. Many cultures have their own distinct food and most of them are just too strange for an outsider to eat. It is this weird food that we are going to be looking at in this article.

Of course, we are very certain that you wouldn’t eat them but if you were offered all of them, which one would you choose?
1. Puffer fish
Do we have any animal enthusiast reading this beautiful ListAwe article? Yes? If so, then you must be aware of how poisonous a puffer fish is. The animal is named so because it would suck in water and inflate like a ball of threatened. Animals that do eat the pufferfish end up dying a painful death.
Despite this deadly reputation, the pufferfish is actually a delicacy in Japan. Japan is a South East Asia country. The consumption of this fish is very risky as if it is not cooked properly, it could lead to death of the consumer. For this reason, only highly trained chefs are allowed to cook a Sashimi dish made from pufferfish.
Would you put your life on the line if you were offered this food?
2. Casu Marzu
They don’t call it Cazu Marzu for nothing. Just kidding, I don’t know why they call it that but what I know about this odd looking food is that it is made from Cheese. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Well, that is until you hear that inside the cheese are live maggots. I know how I feel when I see maggots but to imagine eating it, I will rather jump on a moving train.

The lovers of this dish claim that the maggots give the meal a special flavour. Well, would you eat it?
3. Tuna eyeball
A tuna is a very big fish. Actually, it is one of the fastest fish in the sea and that is not an exaggeration. A tuna’s eyeball is what is used to prepare the dish you see above.
If you were offered this food, would you eat it?
4. Snake wine
Although we termed this compilation around food, we just couldn’t resist adding this beverage to the list. It is just too buzzard to ignore.
Snake wine is made by adding venomous (or poisonous) snakes to ethanol. Ethanol is just a name we scientists love to call alcohol. Normally, the venom of these snakes would kill you but strangely, those who consume snake wine don’t die. Why is this? It is simple, the ethanol neutralizes the poison and makes the wine safe to drink.

So, would you drink this if you were offered?
5. Cod’s sperm
As it goes with listicles, the best is usually the last. Also from South Asian country, Japan, this bizarre dish actually looks more delicious than it looks. Lovers of this fish testified to it’s unique creamy taste. I’m not sure what Kenyans would think of that. Would you eat it?

Now let me ask this question: if you were offered all of these food at once, which one would you choose to eat?
Thanks for reading.

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