???? Three Things A Woman Wants You To Do To Her Every Morning But Won’t Tell You

It is always great to have a woman around, they tend to bring life to a gathering and have been known to spice up the atmosphere in a home.

Marrying a woman brings comfort to life. Women are wonderful creations of God who bring kindness, gentleness and joy to the people that surround them. There is a problem with them though. They rarely tell their spouses what they want. They prefer to let their spouses discover these things on their own and act accordingly.

It is unfortunate that many are ignorant of these things. This article would help you to understand what these things are and why you should do them.

Romance is something most women desire in a man but some women desire physical things too. They might not ask you for it but you should know that this is what attracts them.

Without further ado, I give you four things most women want you to do to them every morning:

1. Give her gentle kisses

Kissing is romantic but it once it becomes expected, it losses its flair. However, you can do the unexpected and wake your wife up with a gentle kiss. Seriously, try it. You would enjoy it and your wife would too. Her mood would be great for the day.

2. Gently wake her up in the morning by softly calling her name

Everyone has a busy schedule these days. Some don’t even have schedules but they still have really tough days. This is why many sleep. Sleep is enjoyable when it is deserved. Don’t be a bad person by interrupting your wife’s sleep violently. Gently tap her to wake up. Call her name gently. It is actually romantic when you do this.

3. Tell her the magic words: “I love you

If just one word can change a person, imagine what three can do. The words that are often exchanged between people in a romantic relationship is the “magic one“: the “I love you“.

Try saying this to your wife in the morning. She will smile and probably hug you. Makes sure you are sincere when you say it by the way.

Doing all these gives your relationship that much needed spark. Try doing them and you might be surprised with how much romance would start sprouting up in your relationship.

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