Why Your Husband May Treat You Like A Piece Of Rag

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Why Your Husband May Treat You Like A Piece Of Rag, Women often complain of being treated like pieces of rags by their husbands. They complain of not being pampered like they used to be or their friends. The worse of it all is unfaithfulness in their marriages.

If you ask any woman who has tested any relationship, she would readily say any of the following words: ‘all men are the same; ‘Men are polygamous in nature’; and ‘There’s no innocent man.

I think I sympathize with them, but not to say they are innocent in that arrangement. On the contrary, they should have much of the blame when analyzing how men act in their families. In other words, when you see a peaceful family, give credit to the woman of the house.

Listen to me, and many men wouldn’t be promiscuous if their wives had been reasonable and wise. No man hates to be with his family, but many women will not let them come home. So instead, they put them under so much pressure that they find solace elsewhere.

There is no perfect marriage anywhere, don’t live your life trying to imitate others. Just be on your lane and focus. If the man next door buys his wife cars at every birthday, takes her on vacation every summer, and gives her millions as allowances monthly, what’s the heck. Do you also count the problem they are having?

Let me tell you a short story. I was passing a neighborhood one day, and people gathered in large numbers discussing. I asked, and I was told a man had beaten his wife to come. I didn’t bother to ask why because most of the women there thought the said man was not real.

One of them said that a real man would have walked out of the house and been with friends. She boldly admitted that women have a big problem, including herself. She advised the young men around, saying: whenever their wives start their inherent nagging, they should walk away and hag out.

Now hear this, that’s how it starts, and soon it grows to what may break you in the future. When you chase him out, you would be like, ‘he thinks he owns this house. You are indirectly helping him build another relationship with a strange woman.

Take it from me, and you don’t know the level of damage you are doing to your family. You will need the special grace of God to salvage the situation when it degenerates. But, unfortunately, when the results start manifesting, most women shy away from their roles in the case.

They would only see the results and point accusing fingers at husbands. Some of them would go as far as fishing out their husbands ‘side chicks and attack them.

Now, let me burst your bubble; this happens when you pick unnecessary quarrels with your man. As a result, he runs away from home, bravo! You are a strong woman. He claims to be the head of the house, but he’s running away.

He will continue running and hanging out with friends. Gradually, he will hang out with the wrong friend who would mislead him, even if they are angels. Your problem has started from there.

Now, consider if the women he would be introduced to give him the peace he lacks in his house. He so desired a peaceful home and the side chick who would deliberately pretend to be a better partner by action. What do you think will happen?

He will transfer his attention to her. The only thing that will attract his home would be the thought of his children. You have gradually become a piece of rag. Yes, he wouldn’t think of coming home if not to see his children.

Know this today and know peace; most men wouldn’t want to mistreat their women and family. However, women’s attitudes always come in-between. Wives should see the cup as half full and not half empty. You know where the problem lies.

Seeing the cup as half full is seeing the good side of everything. It gives you a lot of energy and the people around you. Don’t always count evil done to you. It saps all the power in you and makes you a cynic. That isn’t good for your relationship.

I know about a negative vibe that you don’t know the extent it would go. But, most time, it goes beyond the length you would never imagine. That’s why you will shout, ‘why me’ when the chips are down and your partner will seem not to bulge at all.

So, if some women are living in peace with their husbands, it disproves that theory. It simply shows all men are not the same as some of you lazily think. What it means is that there are some things you are not doing. Your duty should be to know those things and do them.

No man will hurt a tolerating woman. No husband will break a wise and peace-loving wife. It all starts with little disrespect, and when you get away with it, you move a step higher. Don’t do that because the wage of sin is death.
Let me leave you with this quote, ‘A woman who asks for nothing gets everything.’ That explains who every man is. If you doubt, experiment with it.

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