Best Universities In Benin Republic Approved By FG

Which universities in the Benin Republic have government approval and fully authorized training and research centers… UNIVERSITIES IN THE REPUBLIC OF BENIN Many Nigerians are currently studying in neighboring international locations such as Benin and Ghana. Why waste time at home when you can enroll in one of these international institutions, earn your degree, and … Read more

University or Polytechnic in Nigeria: Differences, Similarities and the Best Alternatives

This is one of the most common questions posed by Nigerian students. I’ve seen a platform where a similar question was posed and various people with differing viewpoints responded. Those who believe they know the correct answer will conclude that University or Polytechnic education is superior. If you’re looking for an answer to the question … Read more

How to Repay Loan as a College Student

What exactly is Student Loan Forgiveness? A Student Loan Forgiveness program is any country program that was created under the College Cost Reduction Act for the purpose of helping and assisting students who have loans. This program is not available in every country, but some countries use it to assist their citizens; however, most countries … Read more

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Student Visas in Canada

student visas in Canada

1. Where do I start? You can’t apply for a student visa until you’re accepted on to a course in that country. So, if you haven’t already done so you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study. Not only that, but you must ensure the course meets the country’s visa requirements. Your student … Read more

Applying for a Canada work permit: What You Need to Know

Canada work permit

A work permit is a legal document permitting a foreign national to engage in employment while inside of Canada. Each year, Canada issues about half a million work permits to temporary foreign workers around the world. Canada is a prime destination for many foreign nationals who are seeking employment opportunities. Working in Canada is also an excellent first step … Read more

3 Important Tips for Knowing When to Apply for Scholarships

When to Apply for Scholarships

Who better to share advice on scholarship applications than students who’ve already successfully applied for funding? With this in mind, we asked some of this year’s QS Scholarship winners to share their top tips when finding and applying for scholarships. Here’s what they said… 1. Apply as early as possible. This is one of those pieces of advice you’re … Read more

The FAFSA Scholarship: What You Need to Know as an Applicant

FAFSA Scholarship

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is the most important step to pay for college. All federal financial aid programs, many state aid programs, and some aid from individual colleges require students to complete the FAFSA. Most students need financial aid to help pay for college. Students from families of all … Read more