Men, if you want to enjoy your marriage, please avoid these six kinds of women

Before I start writing, I would like to ask my dearest readers some questions. Would you all be kind enough to give answers to these questions? Yes? Alright, here are my questions: What is that thing that most bachelors look forward to? I don’t need to be a mind-reader to know that your answer would … Read more

Four Benefits You Would Enjoy If You Marry A Calabar Girl

Despite being the former capital city of Nigeria and the city of one of Nigeria’s most famous universities, the University of Calabar, little is known about the good things one would enjoy when one marries a Calabar native. The characteristics of Calabar women are poorly understood and in some cases, heavily stereotyped. In this article, … Read more

Five simple activities that helps me relieve stress within minutes

Stress is something that happens to everyone. Even those that have the whole world under their feet get stressed from time to time. It is inevitable that you would get stressed if you live in a city where the pace is almost always high. For example, people living in Lagos, a city that often experiences … Read more

I’m in trouble! My wife brought home a house help and she is my “side chick”

FICTION I have been married to my wife for three years now and I must say, my wife is the best woman a man can have. She is caring, patient, hardworking, adorable, respectful…my wife is everything. We got married her when she was in 500 level but despite that, she still fulfilled her wifely duties … Read more

???? Three Things A Woman Wants You To Do To Her Every Morning But Won’t Tell You

It is always great to have a woman around, they tend to bring life to a gathering and have been known to spice up the atmosphere in a home. Marrying a woman brings comfort to life. Women are wonderful creations of God who bring kindness, gentleness and joy to the people that surround them. There … Read more

Two Parts Of A Man’s Body That Attracts Most Ladies

I believe you were all attracted to the article by the headline you saw above. Well, as you know, women are wonderful beings created by God. They are however difficult to understand due to their intricacies. However, there is a pattern which often guides what women are attracted to. Physically speaking, most women are attracted … Read more