Men, if you want to enjoy your marriage, please avoid these six kinds of women

Before I start writing, I would like to ask my dearest readers some questions. Would you all be kind enough to give answers to these questions? Yes? Alright, here are my questions:

What is that thing that most bachelors look forward to?

I don’t need to be a mind-reader to know that your answer would most likely be the word, marriage.

You are not done. I have one more question for you. Do be kind enough to give me an answer.

What are the things a bachelor would likely be looking forward to in marriage?

I don’t know what your answer would be be but I can guess that two things would be included; companionship and love. However, these two things are not the only things a bachelor looks forward to in a marriage; they are only the major things.

Companionship and love are however difficult to enjoy when a man (once a bachelor) marries a wrong woman. Therefore, there is always a search for the perfect woman.

Unfortunately, the perfect woman doesn’t exist.

However, one can marry a woman who’s nearly perfect and that is the major reason why this article was written.

ListAwe might not be able to help you identify the perfect woman, as this is almost impossible within the limits of experimental error, but we can help you identify the wrong woman.

Who is a wrong woman?

A wrong woman is that kind of woman whose status as your wife would do your more harm than good. Marrying the wrong woman could lead a man down the path of sorrow and pain.

Have you ever wondered why many bachelors choose to remain single despite coming of age? Well, it is because they are apprehensive. They do not want to make the mistake of marrying the wrong woman.

This article would help you identify the wrong woman. ListAwe would like to give you some advices, please do not marry these 6 kinds of women. Marrying them could become the worst decision you’d ever make in your lifetime. Here are the 6 types of women ListAwe strictly advise its readers to avoid marrying:

1. Women who are overly jealous

Having a jealous woman is good which is why I used the term “overly” in the above description. A midly jealous woman makes a lively and animated home but when we have an overly jealous woman, you are in really big trouble.

An overly jealous woman is possessive and would never like to see you with another woman. Seeing their men with another guy can lead to a scenario where fighting and unnecessary bickering occurs.

If the girl you’re hoping to get married to is someone that is overly jealous, do your best to help her change. If she doesn’t change, you might have to consider leaving her for good.

I’m serious about this; it has undesirable future implications.


Some women are unbelievably materialistic. Of course, there is not much wrong in having a moderate desire for things like new clothes, new shoes, new gadgets but there is a limit. If your woman’s case is not within this limit, you might want to rethink getting married to her.

If your fiancée or girlfriend is someone who cannot resist the temptation to buy a new dress when the money can be used for something more urgent, she is materialistic.

If she always demands for money all the time and the reason for these demands are because of things that are not very necessary, please rethink your decision to have her for your wife. One day, you might not be able to fund her lavish/expensive lifestyle.

3. Lazy women

While marrying a materialistic woman is a bad idea, marrying a lazy one is an even worse decision. Marriage is supposed to be a union where two people handle the problems of their lifes collectively as though they were a unit. If one of the party that makes up that unit is a lazy person, you would overwork yourself in the long run.

What is the use of a wife that wouldn’t perform simple duties in the house like cooking, cleaning up after meals and making sure the house is in order all because she prefers to gossip with her friends or watch movies all day long? Believe me, you can certainly do without having a lazy woman in your life.


4. Women who can’t manage their homes

A wife is not just a companion, she is a manager and her company is her marital home. If she is incapable of managing her home, then a lot would go wrong. This side of being a wife is very important yet underated.

Managing a home involves but is not limited to doing simple chores like cooking her husband’s meal, making sure the house is reasonably clean and making sure that whatever is discussed in her home stays in her home.

If your partner does not have these qualities, marrying her may be a bad decision.

5. A gossip

All women have a penchant for a little bit of gossip. Gossip to them is an awesome way to pass time. The gossip is that person who passes the information.

Like I have stated in the previous paragraph and in most of the points I have listed so far, too much of this attribute is bad. Does your girlfriend like gossiping, then you better reconsider marrying her. One day, she might tell her fellow gossips a secret that is crucial to the perfect working of your home.

6. A shameless cheat

Why would you even consider this? A woman who doesn’t respect her body won’t respect you, would she?

If you are a man and your partner is the sort that jumps into the bed of your friends after an argument, then you need to set your life in order. If she’s doing that time and time again and you’re still considering marrying her then I’m forced to believe that you are under her spell.

ListAwe stands strictly against premarital sex but we also stand against cheating. It is not only absurd, it’s wicked.



No one is an highland of knowledge. If you are reading this and you have any objection whatsoever to the inclusion of one of these categories in this listicle, then please signify. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. We would love to hear it.

Thank you for reading. See you on our next blog post.

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