Top 4 Upcoming (New) Comedians In Nigeria in 2021

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In this Listicle, you will be treated to an article that talks about the top 4 upcoming comedians in Nigeria. This article also talks about; Upcoming comedians in Nigeria New comedians in Nigeria Comedians in Nigeria 2021 It is a known fact that Nigerians are one of the hardest type of people to please. It … Read more

Top 10 Scammers/Fraudsters In Nigeria

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Nigeria is home to one of the largest economies outside of Europe and the Americas. It is so revered in its home continent: Africa, that it is fondly nicknamed the ‘giant of Africa’. Unfortunately, despite being such an hotshot in its own continent, the image of this West African country is little to write home … Read more

If you were offered 2 million Naira to eat one of these meals, which one would you choose?

When we consider the diversity of culture and people on this planet, we cannot help but say that planet Earth is indeed a crazy planet. Sometimes, you discover some cultures that is just too weird for you to handle. It’s because of Earth’s diversity that you consider somethings exotic. Food is an important element of … Read more

How To Add Subtitles To Movies: A Step By Step Approach

The terrible thing about watching foreign movies is the difficult in understanding what is going on in the movies. You would find the movie less fun, less exhilarating and you would be more likely to quit the movie and watch something else. The language barrier is real and it’s tough to break. It was for … Read more