CHECK IT OUT: Top 10 Yahoo Yahoo States In Nigeria

In this article, you’d be treated to a list of the top 10 yahoo states in Nigeria.

Welcome to Nigeria; a country with a bad public international image. You could give many reasons for the country’s poor image but the one that stands shoulder high is that Nigeria is believed to be a breeding place for scammers/fraudsters.

Scammers in Nigeria; referred by their more popular name; Yahoo Yahoo boys are responsible for a great bulk of Nigeria’s bad image.

These Yahoo Yahoo boys are so adept at scamming and duping unsuspecting and gullible individuals of their hard earned money that any business with Nigerians is done with extra caution.

Although spread across the country in several states, internet fraudsters are readily found in some places than others. For example, you would more likely find a thriving fraudster in a populated urban centres.

The country, Nigeria, is segregated into states and we shall be dividing the numbers of Yahoo boys on that basis.

Using our reader’s suggestions and personal experience as a yardstick, ListAwe came up with a top 10 list of the Nigerian states with the highest number of Yahoo guys/girls.

Without further ado, below are the top 10 yahoo states in Nigeria in descending order;

10. Abuja

Are you surprised? Don’t be.

Despite being the capital city of Nigeria and the pride of the nation; Abuja has quite a high number of Yahoo guys.

Abuja is a city of the high class socialites and the political mobey bags but do not let that fool you. In this city lodged in the very heart of this republic, we have several people who are seemingly making it big but are actually scammers.

9. Kaduna

Kaduna is located in the North of Nigeria. Despite being smaller than Kano, it is more industrialized and is the most popular Northern state (subjective) in Nigeria.

You might be surprised that this state is even in this list but again, there’s very little surprising about this.

I get the reason why many people would not think of Kaduna as a internet fraudster hub. After all, the majority of its inhabitants are the Hausa people who many people still think are behind in terms of education relative to the West.

But Kaduna state nonetheless ranks as the number 9th on this list.

8. Ogun

Ogun is a big South-Western state that is often overshadowed by its smaller neighbor; Lagos.

Having such a close proximity to Lagos, it shares in the pool of prosperity and has seen several infrastructural growths.

But like a trend, the more populous and urban a state is, the likelier that you would find these Yahoo Yahoo boys in them. Ogun is not an exception in this case.

7. Anambra

The next three states that will follow are located in the South East region of Nigeria.

Igbos, the major tribe in this region, are believed to be industrious and wealthy people. But not all these wealth are of legal sources, a vast majority of inhabitants of Anambra are involved in internet fraud.

6. Enugu

Enugu, in particular its capital city which bears the same name as the state, is a powerhouse in Yahoo Yahoo talks.

The city and state at large, thanks to its many quiet estates are breeding places for people involved in high end and low end scams.

5. Imo

Imo is full of Yahoo boys. Okay, I am exaggerating but you get the drift.

It is not uncommon for people to just start building houses and purchasing expensive cars in Imo.

Most of the times, the source of the wealth sponsoring this affluence is filthy and hidden in SCAM.

4. Delta

Delta is popular for its crude oil and its affiliation to several successful entertainers. But that is not the only thing this region is popular for.

Some of the biggest scams in Nigerian history can be traced to inhabitants of Delta. Impersonation of government officials is especially common.

Delta is certainly not a place for the slow-witted.

3. Rivers

Known for violent cult activities in the recent past, Rivers state is mooted as the hub of several moral decadences.

Natives and inhabitants of this beautiful state engage in scams and internet fraud at will. It is no wonder why there are so many arrests made by the EFCC in the state on a monthly basis.

2. Edo

It is not Edo state that is actually worthy of this list but its capital city, Benin City.

The city is popular as an hotspot for Yahoo guys of several age groups. Charms are also commonly used here and this seems to add to the growing interest in the ‘venture’.

1. Lagos

Lagos State leads in many aspects; infrastructure, economy and internet fraud.

From the mainland to the island, there are Yahoo guys scattered everywhere. The number of arrests made by EFCC on a monthly basis ranks high in the state more than anywhere else.

I am sure many of the readers agree with Lagos been number one on this list of top 10 Yahoo states in Nigeria. 

So there you have it, ListAwe has just ranked 10 Nigerian states in a descending order of their population of Yahoo guys/girls.

Thanks for reading.