Is Kazakhstan Landlocked? Here’s Your Answer

Flag of Kazakhstan

Ah, Kazakhstan. The country that lies somewhere in central Asia. There’s not much interesting about it, you have always thought. And then, all of the sudden, someone asks you this question, “is Kazakhstan landlocked?” What does landlocked even mean? Well, a landlocked country is one that doesn’t have access to oceans. You ponder over the … Read more

Top 4 Upcoming (New) Comedians In Nigeria in 2021

Nepa Boys upcoming comedians Nigeria

In this Listicle, you will be treated to an article that talks about the top 4 upcoming comedians in Nigeria. This article also talks about; Upcoming comedians in Nigeria New comedians in Nigeria Comedians in Nigeria 2021 It is a known fact that Nigerians are one of the hardest type of people to please. It … Read more

Pastor Adeboye is 79 today; see pictures of his family, private jet and childhood house

Today is a special day in history. It is a glorious day for one of the greatest minister of God to ever preach the gospel in Nigeria. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, RCCG’s General Overseer is celebrating his birthday today. The elderly preacher is now officially 79 years old. In the joy of celebration of the … Read more

The Truth About What Happened To Hannah Gale

Welcome to ListAwe, folks. This is a blog that does one of the simplest things; which is answering questions. In this article, we will be answering all kinds of questions about famous blogger, Hannah Gale.  We would answers several questions centering around topics like; Hannah Gale Hannah Gale blog Hannah Gale age Hannah Gale … Read more

Four Benefits You Would Enjoy If You Marry A Calabar Girl

Despite being the former capital city of Nigeria and the city of one of Nigeria’s most famous universities, the University of Calabar, little is known about the good things one would enjoy when one marries a Calabar native. The characteristics of Calabar women are poorly understood and in some cases, heavily stereotyped. In this article, … Read more

Five simple activities that helps me relieve stress within minutes

Stress is something that happens to everyone. Even those that have the whole world under their feet get stressed from time to time. It is inevitable that you would get stressed if you live in a city where the pace is almost always high. For example, people living in Lagos, a city that often experiences … Read more