La Buena Vida review: Is La Buena Vida legit or a scam?

Hey there! Why are you here? Let me guess, you are here because you want to know what La Buena Vida is? That is it, right? Of course, it is. We are rarely wrong.

Have you been considering investing in La Buena Vida Nigeria? Probably you have a friend who has been constantly bugging you to join or you came across someone on social media babbling about how great they are. But you are not quite convinced yet so you hopped onto the internet and you were led here.

Well, I can confirm that you are in the right place, if not the best place learn about what La buena Vida is all about, its business model, potential risk and whether you should invest your money into it.

In this article, you will be treated to the best, detailed and most honest review of La Buena Vida you would ever find anywhere. So, shall we start our review journey?

What is La Buena Vida all about?

La Buena Vida is a Spanish word that when translated to English means “Good Life”. This is incidentally what the project is dubbed.

But what does La Buena Vida mean as an investment program. Well, La Buena Vida is a project managed and created by C21FG, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) located in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.

The company claims to be the first national cashflow, lifestyle, housing platform in Nigeria with global partners in health, construction, beauty and lifestyle sectors. They also claim to have over 300,000 members throughout Nigeria and over 10 corporate partners.

Using the La Buena Vida project, the company aims to bring good life to its members and partners. It wishes to raise 50,000 millionaires in a connected economy.

In essence, the company functions like an NGO which means it is free from paying taxes in Nigeria. It also means that it does not aim to make any profit from its existence as a project.

La Buena Vida’s business model is one that is notoriously crash-prone. Built on the notorious multi-level marketing (MLM) model, this project focuses majorly on human and capital resource development.

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The project is designed in such a way that you can make money by recruiting new people to the project. Keep in mind that you won’t need to pay a stipulated fee in order to sign up. The target of the La Buena Vida project is people who are willing to develop their human and capital resources.

As an emphasis, to earn on La Buena Vida, you are required to be a sign-up fee and then get more people to sign up for the program. The amount of people you are able to convince to join the program determines the amount of money you earn. So in a nutshell, people equal money in the La Buena Vida project.

Members of the La Buena Vida project are treated to a range of incentives most of which are expensive to acquire. Common incentives include vacation packages, housing and most especially car gifts. The incentives that are most expensive are reserved for top affiliates who have contributed greatly to the ecosystem of the program.

What opportunities does signing up for La Buena Vida qualify me for?

The La Buena Vida project promises many things which is aimed at attracting many people to the program. The program claims that all of its qualifying members and partners will have access to services like;

  • Cash compounding services to generate funds for business projects,
  • Discounted and free lifestyle packages globally,
  • Effective Health Maintenance Organisation (HMD) services,
  • Own their dream home through La Buena Vida’s E-block channels,
  • Discounted and free exquisite vacations across choice locations globally.

How do I join the La Buena Vida project?

To join the La Buena Vida project, you have to present yourself physically at their office in Abuja. Their office is located at Bahamas Plaza in Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria.

Alternatively, you can join through their partners and associates who will be self-tasked with the responsibility of putting you through the intricacies of the program.

Our advice here at ListAwe is that you ensure that you are well equipped with adequate information about the program. Also, ensure you are capable of surviving and maximizing the earning potential present in the La Buena Vida project. Note that you would be doing a lot of marketing and you would need to train yourself in the act of sweet-talking. Without these two things, you would find it difficult to earn on La Buena Vida and even recover your investment.

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Can I really make money on La Buena Vida?

Most definitely, you can make money with La Buena Vida. However, the amount of money you can realistically make in the program depends solely on how much members you bring in.

As I mentioned earlier, La Buena Vida’s business model is based on the MLM system. That means you can only earn from the system if you have a significant amount of people in your downline. Keep in mind that your work in getting people to sign up won’t be anywhere near easy as new members are required to sign up by paying a certain sign-up fee.

Oh, there are sign-up fees? Yes, there are. I have briefly described them below.

La Buena Vida Registration Packages

In La Buena Vida, there are three packages which are not only difference in name but in earning potential. This project is designed in such a way that the higher the package you pay for, the higher your earning potential and compensation is.

Without further ado, I present the packages on La Buena Vida and their respective prices;

  1. Starter Package— ₦44,888
  2. Entrepreneur Package— ₦134,664
  3. International Package— ₦314,216

Should I invest in La Buena Vida?

The aim of any investment is to make realizable profit; I have no reason to believe that this is not the same for you. Earning on La Buena Vida pick a combination of luck and a skill-set which must include knowledge of marketing. If you are not convinced that you have what it takes to sweet-talk people into signing up for La Buena Vida, it is advisable that you do NOT invest.

Is La Buena Vida legit or scam?

La Buena Vida is an MLM scheme. These sort of businesses are notoriously prone to sudden and unannounced crashing. One only needs to go back to a few years ago to recall how another MLM scheme named MMM duped thousands of people. If you have a negative view of MLM schemes, stay away from La Buena Vida.

La Buena Vida, in my opinion, is very suspicious in how it operates.

First, it sets itself as an NGO. If there is one thing I know about NGOs, it is that they are not supposed to demand sign-up fee from people looking to benefit from programs organised by them. La Buena Vida is more better classified as a business than an NGO project.

Also, on my visit to the website of La Buena Vida, I couldn’t get much information about their business. It is immediately evident that the website seeks to entice people into signing up by displaying almost unbelievable testimonials of people making millions through the project.

Signing up for La Buena Vida also means you are not referred to as a member but a partner. Yep, you are a partner so you must justify that by providing some sort of financial substance, which is your sign-up fee in this case.

Another red flag about La Buena Vida lies on their website; their “About Us” page is blank. What?! How can any reputable business not have a page given information about them on your website. If I want to sign up for anything, I am hardwired to look out for the “About Us” page first. This is where many scams shoot themselves in the leg.


La Buena Vida is an investment programme you should be careful of. Being an MLM business based venture, there will come a time when the venture will get so big that there won’t be new money coming into the system. The business can therefore not sustain itself at this point and we almost invariably fold up.

Unfortunately, there is never any warning about when this point is. In conclusion, ListAwe considers La Buena Vida too risky to sign up for.

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