Boompay Review: Has Boompay Crashed?

The ignorance of many internet users on most income programs is staggering! Most don’t know Jill from Jack. This has caused many to totally avoid any online income program as they are negatively viewed as scam ventures.

Boompay happens to fall in that category. What category do I speak of? I mean “online income programs”. It has led many to question if it is worth it to invest in this income program that promises to reward users. Surely this can’t be true? Can it?

What is Boompay? Boompay is a site that pays users to comment on and read news articles, compose humorous posts, share sponsored posts, logging in daily and of course, referring new users to the system.

Boompay is one of the many income programs popping up on the Nigerian internet space every month. We’ve had similar sites of its kind in Nigeria; the likes of NNU and Giftalworld rings a bell anything time these sorts of sites are mentioned.

After the big boys of the industry: NNU and Giftalworld discontinued the programs, several sites rose to fill and dominate the niche. One of such sites is Boompay.

While fetching data for this review about Boompay (or as it is now called), I discovered that there was very little information about it on the internet. The few reviews that were available were outdated; some written over a year ago. Because of this, I decided to update this article so that you would have the latest information about Boompay (or as of 2021. This is the most detailed review you can possibly find on the internet about the income program’s status as a legit or scam system in 2021.

On the request of some of our dearest and loyal readers; we have compiled a series of questions about Boompay which we have also provided answers to. Here are the questions;

1. What is Boompay?

Boompay, as I have earlier, is an income program. It is modelled after those types of programs that pay you for doing itty-bitty things; from commenting on approved posts to reading approved posts and of course, referring friends and family.

However, Boompay is not just an income program. It actually started out as a news blog. Till date, it still maintains this status only that most of the news are provided by the readers. Why is this so? Keep on reading.

2. Since Boompay is an income program, how do people earn?

Having established the fact that this site, Boompay, isn’t just a news site but also an income program site, we figured your next question would be how people earn. People earn by commenting, sharing sponsored posts, reading sponsored posts, logging in daily, referring new members and creating informative or humourous posts.

Don’t be that guy, read this review carefully.

To understand how people earn on Boompay, we have made a listwise breakdown of what each action on this site pays you as a member.

Here they are;

A. Sign Up Bonus

You earn an instant ₦1,300 once you are successfully registered as a member. This money is what is called the “Sign up bonus”.

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B. Daily Login

To make you keep visiting the site, Boompay created a juicy offer which rewards its registered members for logging in per day. This daily login bonus is a sum of ₦100. Isn’t that sweet?

C. Reading Sponsored Posts

While members of Boompay Income Program can make posts, the admin of this program can too. The admin posts are tagged “sponsored“. When members read these posts, they earn ₦200.

D. Reading News and Posts

Members can also make posts which they get paid for. Reading a single post can earn you ₦3. The good thing about this is that Boompay is a site that is almost always updated; therefore, you won’t run out of posts and news articles to read.

3. Can I make ₦10,000 per month on Boompay?

The answer is YES! You can definitely make that amount on Boompay. Let us imagine a scenario where you register and follow the below steps strictly, you will definitely make the amount I stated.


Here are the steps;

A) You Earn instant ₦1,300 immediately after the registration completed ( Sign up bonus).

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B) You Earn ₦100 for daily login to your Boompay account.


C) You also Earn another ₦200 for reading a Sponsored post.


D) You earn ₦3 for each news you read in the site…(at least 10 per day).


E) You Earn instant ₦1000 when you refer someone!

Adding this together for without putting referral bonus into consideration(₦1,300+₦3,000+₦6,000+₦900), you can make up to ₦11,200 per month!

Make Money!


4. Is it compulsory I refer someone to Boompay?

Previously, Boompay used to pay users who did not refer people to the system but after observing that many members prefer to accumulate money without introducing others to the system, it stopped!

Now, Boompay does not pay users who do not refer. You must refer to be able to withdraw your non referral and referral funds.

5. When does Boompay pay its members?

The payment procedure is split into two categories; those with referrals and those without referrals.

If your entire earnings are based on action-based bonuses without referring someone, you will get paid on the 20th of the month you have earned. For example, if you register today and actively perform those simple actions, you will be eligible for withdrawal come the 20th of November (i.e this month).

If your earnings, however, include referrals, even if it is only one referral, you will get paid on every Mondays and Thursdays of the week.

6. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?


Again, Boompay sets a distinction. Just like the previous answer, the minimum withdrawable amount varies for members with referrals and members without referrals.


If you have referrals, you would be allowed to withdraw once your earnings hit ₦1,000. That sounds too easy, right?

If you do not have referrals, don’t worry too much. The minimum withdrawable amount is ₦3,000. You can make more than that amount within 6 days if you follow the steps I have highlighted in question 3.

7. How much does it cost to join Boompay Income Program?

It costs only a little amount of money to join Boompay Income Program. Guess how much. It costs only ₦1,500. Considering the amount you can make within a month, ₦1,500 is a small amount of money.

You can register for Boompay by clicking here. Note that you would need to buy a coupon code though. In case you were wondering, the fee for buying the coupon is the same ₦1,500 you will pay. You are ONLY PAYING 1,500 Naira; nothing more, nothing less.

Remember that I told you that you would need to buy a coupon code? Well, if you are searching for where to get Boompay coupon code, simply click on this link and you will be directed to talk with one of our us. You would be directed to WhatsApp whereyou can buy the coupon. We can even register you and of course, it is FREE! Alternatively, you can go through the stress of buying the coupon by going to the home page.

It takes only 10 minutes for you to register through us. When we first wrote this blog post, we had already registered 57 people but that was a long time ago. We have now registered close to 300 persons since then. We are100% reliable and trustworthy.

9. Who are the top earners on Boompay?


Boompay recently released a statistic showing the top six earners on their program.

A millionaire is among them. His name is Ojo Timileyin. Ojo Timileyin is a 100 level student of Medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife.

10. What does ListAwe think of Boompay?

Our first impression of Boompay wasn’t very good, to be honest. However, a month down the line, we are now very certain that they are LEGIT! We have earned three times from them.

After reading this, I wonder why you still haven’t joined Boompay. It is really easy, I tell you. With just ₦1,500, you can make more than ₦10,000 monthly. That’s higher than my monthly salary when I was a secondary school teacher.

How to withdraw on Boompay

This is a long-overdue update. Many people have been asking us this question on our contact line and we simply had to update the blog post with this information.

There are however some things you need to note about Boompay Withdrawal. Here they are;

★ Every Mondays and Thursdays are payment day for those with referrals and 20th of every month for those without referrals.

★ Minimum Withdrawal for non-affiliate Earners ( people who do not refer) is ₦3,000 and they will cash out on 20th of every month.

★ Minimum withdrawal for those that referred is 1000, they will cash out Monday or Thursday, 8 to 10 am.

How do I withdraw on Boompay?

This question like I previously mentioned has been asked many times and I just had to write up a small portion to educate people on it.

Follow these steps carefully;

1. Just go to your dashboard and follow locate the withdraw option.

2. Click the withdrawal button.

3. Just follow the instructions on it and you would be able to withdraw your funds directly to your bank.

Are you still having doubts about joining Boompay? Well, you might want to hurry up. It would soon be payday and you won’t want to miss out on getting some cool cash! ????

Hurry now!

Is Boompay legit or scam?

For every reviews we write on ListAwe, we take three major criteria into consideration. This helps our reviews, like this Boompay review, to remain trustworthy and better than any other Boompay reviews.

The criteria are;

1. Age

Boompay was launched in April 2020. That is more than a year ago. It has been paying people since then and is still paying people. Boompay seems to be here to stay because if it were a scam, it should and would have folded up a long time ago.

2. Reviews

A quick search on Facebook or any social media network would usually show most income programs in bad light. Not Boompay! Many reviews about Boompay on the internet are generally positive ones. The few that are negative are usually because of mistakes made by the complainer.

3. Management

This is where things look a little shady. Boompay has no verified or confirmed owner, founder or CEO. Many people trust income programs who are at least transparent enough to be open about their owners or founders.

If you cannot join an income program whose management lives under the mask of anonymity; it is best you give up on joining Boompay.

In conclusion; the verdict on whether Boompay is a scam or a legit side is decided. For now, Boompay is paying. No scam reports have been made so far. Unfortunately, that is as far as I can go in talking about Boompay. It could, like many Income programs in Nigeria, crash tomorrow but from a neutral perspective, it seems to be one of the safest and risk-free online income programs out there.

Has Boompay Crashed?

The answer to this question is rather unfortunate. If you go to the Boompay page, you would get an error message. The whole site is offline at the moment.

So has Boompay crashed? The answer can only be one thing— yes.

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