OpinionBureau.com review: Is OpinionBureau.com legit or a scam?

Really?! There are sites out there that pay you to answer questions? And these questions are to be answered based on your personal opinion? Is Opinion Bureau a site like this?

The answer to all those questions is yes! You can earn money from answering questions. But we don’t just call these things questions; instead, we call them surveys. And OpinionBureau.com appears to be one of the most popular survey websites.

In this very interesting and exciting article, we will take an in-depth look at the workings and ins and outs of OpinionBureau.com. We will also try to determine if this site is legit or a scam. We would answer several questions that take the form of the following;

  • Is Opinion Bureau legit?
  • How is I redeem my Opinion Bureau points?
  • How do I sign up for Opinion Bureau?
  • How do I login to my Opinion Bureau account?

Keep reading if you want the answer to all your questions about Opinion Bureau.

What is OpinionBureau.com?

Like I have previously stated, Opinion Bureau is an online survey site that claims to pay you for answering questions based on your own personal opinion.

The process is actually quite simple; you provide the answers to their questions and they give you money in return.

How do I make money on Opinion Bureau?

Making money on OpinionBureau.com one of the simplest ways of making money online. I mean even a baby can do it!

The path to making on this platform is pretty easy; you just sign up, start answering surveys and you get rewarded with points which you can redeem as cash.

In this platform, every survey you complete could get you up to 10 Rands (R10).

The minimum withdrawable amount is just R100; ten times the above amount.

I am sure you are thinking that the questions you will be asked very tough questions which would be very difficult to answer but just CALM DOWN! The questions you will be asked on OpinionBureau.com are simple questions that any regular human being would have answers to.

Another plus side to earning on Opinion Bureau is that you can get paid to refer people. I will explain better about this in the next section.

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Opinion Bureau Referral: What’s it about?

Remember I said that you can and on this website by referring people. So you might ask “how much do I get paid per person/referral?”

For every referral who signs up through your link, you get a affiliate cash of R10.

You might also ask “how do I go about getting referrals?” It’s actually more simple than you think. All you just have to do is copy your referral link and share it on social media or anywhere it can attract lots of attention.

Who is the CEO/Owner of OpinionBureau.com?

The owner of Opinion Bureau is not known! For whatever reason, the brain behind this system prefers to remain anonymous.

How to sign up on OpinionBureau.com

Registration is quite easy. all you need to do with head over to THIS PAGE.

After clicking the above link, you will be required to provide some information about yourself. You would need to provide  your name, your email and a strong password of your choice.

Your registration would take less than two minutes. After this, you would be logged in to your dashboard for the first time. Here you would find a surprise waiting for you. R10 sign up bonus is already on your newly opened account.

OpinionBureau.com: How to login

If you think registration on OpinionBureau.com is easy, then logging in is even easier!

To login, HEAD OVER TO THIS PAGE. Provide your email and your password. After that, click on the login button to be directed to your dashboard.

How to withdraw on OpinionBureau.com

If you remember, earlier in the review, I mentioned something about redeeming points. Well, Opinion Bureau pays you in points and not cash.

You can then choose to redeem these points for cash, gift vouchers or whatever you see displayed on your dashboard.

Is OpinionBureau.com legit or scam?

Opinion Bureau is one hundred percent legit. Many people have laid testament to how easy it is to cash out from the platform and we have no reason to believe that there will be any non-payment in the nearest future.

Thank you’d reading this Opinion Bureau review. If you have any thing to say that was not mentioned in this article, please comment it in the comments section.

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