How to get FREE ₦10,000 from VPD Bank this week

Hello guys, it’s nice to see you all again. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know I have not been making many posts recently but all that is about to change starting with this very post.

So what would we be talking about today?

Well, that is a good question. If you read the title of this blog post as keenly as I would expect anyone to, you would probably see two very interesting words: ₦10,000 and VPD bank.
In a way, I have just explained what this post is about in the previous paragraph. If you didn’t catch on, I’ll elaborate. This post is your ultimate guide to learning how to make ₦10,000 on VPD bank this week!
As I like to make my Make Money Reviews post as detailed as possible, you guys would have to read this post in a question and answer format. These questions are everything you could possibly ask about making money on VPB bank.
Let’s not waste time, if I remember correctly, there’s a popular saying which clearly states that “time is money“. You would find below carefully constructed questions and detailed answers about making money on VPB bank.

Question 1: What is VPD

VPD stands for Vogue Pay Digital. It is a mobile bank app which is certified or rather licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. As a mobile bank app, you can use it to make monetary transactions.
But wait…, what’s special about VPD? Well, VPD helps you to convert money into different currencies. It has the ability to convert money into three big-name currencies: the American USD Dollar, the Euro and the GPD British Pound. Impressive, ain’t it? ????

Question 2: Can I trust VPD? ????

The answer is YES! Like I previously mentioned, VPD is licensed by the body that regulates banking in Nigeria, that is the Central Bank of Nigeria. So yes, you can absolutely trust them.
All personal identifying information provided requested from you by VPD is something any other mobile bank app like Chipper Cash for example would ask you.

Question 3: How do I make money from VPD?

VPD is a relatively new mobile app. It is trying to make a name in an industry dominated by apps like Chipper Cash and Opay while dealing with a Nigerian population that doesn’t really trust mobile banks.
In order to create awareness for itself and rally up customers in a short amount of time, VPD introduced a referral program where it paid people a referral bonus of ₦500.
What does this mean?
It means that for every person you refer to download this bank app and register, you get paid ₦500 cash!

Question 4: Can I really make ₦10,000 per week on VPD?

I won’t just say YES, I would do some quick calculations/arithmetic (whichever one you prefer). ????
Let us imagine that you have a sweet tongue and you were able to refer 3 people per day. In a week we have 7 days, right? Multiply ₦500 by 3. That means we make ₦1,500 per day. Now, multiply ₦1,500 by 7 weekdays, how much does that give you? There’s no need to reach out for your calculator, I have one here. The answer is ₦10,500! That’s ₦10,500 made in one week! ????????

Question 5: What if I made only ₦500, can I withdraw it?

Yes, you can. If you were unsuccessful at referring more than 1 person, you would still make money from the one person you referred. The good part is that ₦500 you made can be withdrawn.

Question 6: How can I register on the VPD mobile bank app?

First, you would need to download the VPD mobile bank app. But WAIT!…do you know how to register? You don’t, do you? Let us show you how.
Here’s how you would go about the registration;
★ After downloading the app (link will be shown later in the article), register with your email address and a password. Note that the password must contain an upper case letter, a lower case letter and a symbol, for example, Money123456789.
★ You would be asked to provide your BVN on the next step. Don’t worry about anything, just input your BVN. Remember that Vogue Pay Digitals is certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria meaning that your information is safe with them.
★ On the next step, you would be asked to input a security question and its answer.

★ After doing this, a confirmation that you have opened an account with VPD will be displayed on your screen. Click “Done”. This doesn’t mean you are through with the process though.

★ On the next page, you will receive the above message telling you that your email has to be activated. What you need to do at this point is to head over to your email inbox.

★ You would find two mails from VPD. Click the most recent one.

★ You would be asked to click on a link in the email that was sent to you. Click on it. It is a verification mail valid for only 24 hours.

★ You would get the above message on clicking the link. You have just verified your email.

★ Head over back to the app, create a security pin and then click on the “More” button followed by the “Referral” button.

★ You would be provided with a referral code. The one in the picture is mine. Please do me a favour and use it when you register.

Question 7: How can I repay ListAwe for this wonderful information?

If you were wondering what you can do to repay us, we suggest you download the app and input our referral code. Don’t be stingy, we deserve this small help from you. ????????

Copy Referral Code: TXEA03

Question 8: Where can I download the app?

It is simple, you have two options. You can go to Google Playstore to download it and you can download it from their website.

Download on Playstore or VPD website

Question 9: How can I withdraw my referral bonus?

Withdrawing your hard-earned money from VPD is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps I will mention. Here they are;
★ Go to payments, click on the “transfer” button.
★ You would see the above displayed on your screen. Don’t click on VPD account, click on “Bank Account“.

★ From here on, it is easy. Simply fill in the details of your bank and viola! You have your hard-earned money sitting pretty in your personal bank account.

Don’t forget to use our referral code: TXEA03 when you download the app. God bless you as you do so.
See you on our next blog post. We love you. ❤️❤️

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