Don’t download the Supfrica app ???????? unless you’ve read this article about it

Supfrica, a messenger app created by an African has entered into the messenger app market. It aims to dominate the African internet space, the same region it proudly originates from.

What are messenger apps?
Well, there are many ways to answer this question but we can give you a quick answer by saying “WhatsApp!” WhatsApp is a messenger app owned by Facebook. It allows people to send messages via an internet connection.
Basically, most messenger apps allow other forms of communication apart from text. For example with WhatsApp, you can send a voice note ????️, you can make a phone call ????and even a video ???? call. One can do all these all with an internet connection. That means ridiculous amounts of money spent on voice and video calls outside the WhatsApp app are non-existent. WhatsApp and many other messengers also make international communication easy and less costly.
Who created Supfrica?
Supfrica was created by a US-based Sierra Leonean named Hafiz Alhassan Kanu. The company behind Supfrica is Techfrica and as you might guess, it is owned by Hafiz Alhassan Kanu.
Why was Supfrica created?
According to the brains behind the messenger app, Supfrica was created to dominate the African market.
Hafiz Alhassan Kanu said “we looked at all social media apps and concluded that they weren’t made for Africans.” In an interview with Pan African Daily TV, the tech-savvy said he wanted to create an app for Africans and he wanted the app to be of African making.
What does Supfrica do?
Like I have stated in the first paragraph, Supfrica is a messenger app. It is used to send text across long distances and you can make both voice and video calls on it.
How old is Supfrica?
Well, we cannot tell how long Supfrica has been in existence but a visit to Google Play Store gives us a fairly clear idea. Supafrica was launched on Google Play Store on December 11, 2020.
What features does Supfrica have?
Supfrica took the core features of WhatsApp and improved on them. For example, Supfrica:
★ allows you to make video and voice calls at cheap rates
★ allows you to forward messages to over 20 different people on your contact list.
★ allows you to create a group where an unlimited number of people can be added.
★ allows you to use 2G, 3G and 4G without problems will making video and voice calls.
Is Supfrica better than WhatsApp?
Well, it is too early to say exactly if Supafrica is better than WhatsApp. However, when compared with WhatsApp, said it operates in similar ways to WhatsApp only that it is 2 times faster!
How many people are on Supafrica?
At the time of the publication of this article, Supafrica has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store! It is safe to assume that at least half of that number are active users.
What does Hafiz Alhassan Kanu think of the success of the app?
When he was asked the above question in an interview with PanAfrican Daily TV, the technologist was ecstatic. He confessed that he was surprised by the success of the app which had already clocked more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store.
Where can I download Supfrica?
You can download Supfrica on Google Play Store. Just click on this link and you will be directed there.
Where can I download the iOS version?
At the time of the publication of this article, the iOS version of Supfrica is not available. However, Alhassan Kanu said an iOS version would soon be created.
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