Eniola Badmus replies troll who mocked her shape

Eniola Badmus is a Nollywood actress who has acted in many Yoruba movies. The lady is what someone would classify as a plus sized woman. Because of this, she is often ridiculed by internet trolls. 

There has been an increase in the number of internet trolls in recent times. This is a bad development in ListAwe’s opinion. Trolls are everywhere; you’d find them in the comments section of topics ranging from sports to celebrity lifestyles. They take pleasure in mocking others often for things that are absolutely normal.
Being a celebrity, Eniola Badmus has often been on the receiving end of insults from trolls often because of he physique. Eniola Badmus is plus sized but she still rocks despite her presumed disadvantage. The internet’s image of a female celebrity/model is a lady who is slim and fair. Eniola Badmus is none of this but despite this, she has a ridiculously high number of followers. 

Recently on Instagram, a troll whose name is Oluwafemi Olamide said something that Eniola Badmus had to reply to. Eniola Badmus considers body shaming her a serious matter. 

Conversation between Eniola Badmus and the Troll

Sometimes you go fat, sometimes you go thin which one we wan believe gan gan??

Eniola Badmus;

Watch your life not me…You still have a lot to change about your destiny.


Ha na your own we dey tell you. Better stop posting photoshopped pics. E dey your body.

In ListAwe’s opinion, Eniola Badmus took the well. These days, trolls have been making mockery about her body. 
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