Two Parts Of A Man’s Body That Attracts Most Ladies

I believe you were all attracted to the article by the headline you saw above. Well, as you know, women are wonderful beings created by God. They are however difficult to understand due to their intricacies. However, there is a pattern which often guides what women are attracted to.

Physically speaking, most women are attracted to several parts of a man’s body but the ones which we will discuss in this article are the face and the shoulder.

1. The face

Most wives, when asked what attracted them to their husbands would tell you that it was his facial features. When a man is facially adorned, ladies are likely to troop around him.

2. Broad shoulders

The second part of a man’s body that attracts women is the shoulder. You might be surprised at this but it is not false. Ladies like men with broad shoulders. The broadness of a male’s shoulder usually being visible during and after puberty. It means one is mature. So, women are likely to be attracted to the broadness of a man’s shoulder.

The above are not true for all ladies but most ladies love these parts of a man’s body. It attracts most of them. I believe you have learnt some thing here. If you wish to learn more, please follow me by clicking on the FOLLOW BUTTON located at the top right corner of your screen. May God bless you as you do so.

If you have any disagreements about this, please indicate in the comments section. I like it when we interact. No man is an island of knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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