Men, if you want to enjoy your marriage, please avoid these six kinds of women

Before I start writing, I would like to ask my dearest readers some questions. Would you all be kind enough to give answers to these questions? Yes? Alright, here are my questions: What is that thing that most bachelors look forward to? I don’t need to be a mind-reader to know that your answer would … Read more

8 animals that absolutely terrify Nigerian girls

Nigerian girls are very peculiar; hands down, they beat girls of every other country in uniqueness. This is only my personal opinion though, don’t hold it against me, LOL. If you are currently courting a Nigerian girl, you would notice some of their numerous idiosyncrasies. Their tendency to request for material things, which though is … Read more


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Boompay Review: Has Boompay Crashed?

Dsolarfunds money making online income program

The ignorance of many internet users on most income programs is staggering! Most don’t know Jill from Jack. This has caused many to totally avoid any online income program as they are negatively viewed as scam ventures. Boompay happens to fall in that category. What category do I speak of? I mean “online income programs”. … Read more

Four Benefits You Would Enjoy If You Marry A Calabar Girl

Despite being the former capital city of Nigeria and the city of one of Nigeria’s most famous universities, the University of Calabar, little is known about the good things one would enjoy when one marries a Calabar native. The characteristics of Calabar women are poorly understood and in some cases, heavily stereotyped. In this article, … Read more

3 scenarios that may play out if the End SARS protests remain violent

The End SARS protest appears to be more than just a protest against the notorious law enforcement agency that we know as SARS. The End SARS protest is a protest against bad governance and several other things which would take too long to list and explain in this article. The coordinated series of protests, motivated … Read more

Two OGITECH students believed to be dead after attacks by indigenes last night

Last night will not be forgotten in an hurry by the current student of OGITECH. In case you don’t know what OGITECH is, give me a few moment to explain. OGITECH is a state owned polytechnic whose name: Ogun State Institute of Technology have been abbreviated to the above. OGITECH is located in Igbesa, a … Read more

Five simple activities that helps me relieve stress within minutes

Stress is something that happens to everyone. Even those that have the whole world under their feet get stressed from time to time. It is inevitable that you would get stressed if you live in a city where the pace is almost always high. For example, people living in Lagos, a city that often experiences … Read more