USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Are you seeking USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students? This article covers all you need to know! 

Are you seeking for USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students? This article covers all you need to know!

Many of us would have heard or perhaps would have been willing to study abroad, especially in the United States, not just learning there but also having a scholarship opportunity. Hence virtually most of us do not know or have the idea of different scholarships in the United States of America and the processes involved in it, mainly we the Nigerians.

I will be listing and expounding some of the scholarships available for Nigerians in the united states for us in this article. 

Countries to Study and Work Abroad

This will broaden our thoughts about studying in the USA and know some of the available scholarships for Nigerian students. 

Even though studying in the USA is expensive, that doesn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. There are numerous scholarships available for Nigerian students in the USA. As we all know that the USA is one of the most popular countries that have over 4000 institutes of learning and colleges with various scholarship programs, but we will be talking about a few of them.

10 USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Below are the available scholarships for Nigerian students in the USA. 

Black At Microsoft Scholarship

This scholarship program started in 1989 at Microsoft; its primary goal and objective are to encourage black students to choose a career in technology and promote their development.

And for a student to be qualified for this award, they must possess some of these criteria:

  • It would help if you were a US-based high school senior, mainly African.
  • Must have attended four colleges or universities in the US after your high school graduation.
  • It would help if you also had it in mind to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, computer information science, or any business program.
  • It would help if you practiced your zeal for technology.
  • It would help if you had a CGPA of 3.3 or more than that.
  • And lastly, you must require financial assistance to attend college.

How You Can Apply For This Scholarship

You might be wondering how you can apply for this scholarship; below are the list of steps to follow to apply for this outstanding scholarship:

  • Working experience 
  • Picture of yourself
  • Your transcript
  • Two essays
  • Honors and awards that you have earned
  • Two letters of recommendation letters 
  • And extracurricular activities.

Educational Institution Scholarship

This is also a particular Nigeria scholarship program because it is primarily for women scholars to bring gender equality and empower women.

Bonnie Hyland Umeh Excellence In Leadership Scholarship

It is also a Nigeria Scholarship program organized by St.Catherine University for Nigerian students chasing undergraduate programs, regardless of their field of study.

Texas A&M International University Graduate Fellowship(MBA)

Texas A&M International University organizes this scholarship program, And this scholarship is mainly for students who are pursuing business and management graduate and doctorate programs.

University of Central Missouri Olaiya Foundation Scholarship

It is a UCM Alumni Foundation that allows more than 500 active scholarships, and could you believe that this great institution gives away about $7million for merit-based award scholarships every single year.

O’Grady-Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

This is also part of the USA scholarship for Nigeria students, and it was named after two tragically slain police Officers that died during the Brink’s Robbery in 1981 who performed their duty well.

This scholarship program provides yearly awards to graduating students, i.e., high school seniors, and to matriculated undergraduate students that earned degrees related to law enforcement.

How to Apply

You apply is not a barrier. Below are the listed steps;

  • Demonstrate commitment to pursuing a law enforcement career
  • Demonstrate achievements in previous academic pursuits.
  • Demonstrate achievement in sports clubs and services.
  • Demonstrate financial needs
  • And lastly, you must be a person of good character.


Applicants must have been accepted into an accredited US Institution; Candidates must also have a solid academic record; more so, candidates must be well engaged in extracurricular activities.

Worth Of Scholarship


Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Scholarship For International students

It is also one of the USA scholarships for Nigeria students, and there is the provision of ten months of non-degree academic study which means it is a non-degree program.


Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree, must also have professional experience of at least five years, candidates must also have little experience in the US.

How to Apply

  • Screening by the institute of international education 
  • Candidate Review Committees
  • National Screening.

Baumgartner Law Firm $3000 Scholarship

This scholarship program is also for Nigerian students. Founded in 1985 by Houston Injury Attorney Greg Baumgartner, it is also known as one of the top-rated injury law firms in Houston, Texas. It is only open to students who have been accepted or are recently attending a law school.

And as an applicant, you must be registered at a well-qualified just school in the US before attempting to apply for the scholarship, and you must upload your college acceptance Resume and Evidence.

2022 Whitney, LLP & 1,500 Scholarship

Whitney, LLP & 1,500 Scholarship Program is also a USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students who want to study law to support their legal education in the US. They also fight for people’s justice without collecting a dime from them.

Stamps Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship program is also a USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students created by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation International. which is only available to entering first-year college students.

More so, You must be attending a partner school before taking this award.

Cost Of Study In USA

According to research, HSBC students in the US spend an average total cost of over $99,44 for undergraduate study 

Final Verdict

The USA is one of the most popular countries widely known for its different scholarship awards that offer scholarships Internationally, not only to Nigerians.

And I hope with this article I have to enlighten your knowledge on USA Scholarships For Nigerian Students