Bank of England Undergraduate Scholarship For African Students

Have you been seeking for undergraduate Scholarship in England for your undergraduate degree? Grab hold of this Bank of England Undergraduate Scholarship

The Bank of England offers scholarships to African-Caribbean Students yearly. The application opens on Monday 15 November 2022.

Bank of England Undergraduate Scholarship

Bank of England core value for Undergraduate Scholarship

The Bank of England has 5 core values at the heart of all they do and the building principle of the work. These values are;

  • Collaborative: Sharing knowledge with a wide range of people and different expertise in projects
  • Inclusive: To listen and learn from each other and support and encourage other views.
  • Empowering: Enabling development and growth, and refreshing of skills and knowledge.
  • Decisive: Clear and efficient 
  • Open: Debate is encouraged, communicate clearly and transparency is valued. 

What is the Bank of England Scholarship?

The Scholarship covers the cost of living and studies for the academic year, 2022/2023.

It is a £5000 scholarship aimed to provide support to the awarded students throughout their stay in England.

Who can apply 

The bank of England People that can apply is of the African race. The mixed black, Caribbean race whose household income is less than £50,000 yearly. To apply for the Bank of England African or the Caribbean scholarship applicants must be eligible to work and study in the United Kingdom with all necessary documents. 

Field of studies for undergraduate Scholarship

There are no specific degree courses in the field of studies that the candidate needs to follow. However, the successful candidate will need to show interest in the areas of the Bank. The scholarship is only awarded to study subjects offered by the university.

The level comprises Graduate, Undergraduate, Apprenticeship, and internship.

undergraduate Scholarship

Financial Support Available 

The Bank of England Scholarship is provided for the financial support of the underdeveloped nations, particularly Africans, the Caribbean background, and also the African Americans.

How to Apply 

The process is like the normal application processes, so there is no need to worry, relax and enjoy the ride. To apply for the Bank of England Scholarship kindly click here

The process includes two stages being the First stage and the second stage of application.

  • The first stage: 

Application form: This is the form you are required to put all your details as a graduate or undergraduate to be able to access if you are qualified for the program you are applying for on the scholarship and this can save you a lot of time. On the form, you are required to put down your experiences and educational background also. 

If you are applying for the Graduate Development Program you will need to choose an option for the program to apply for. Click here for guidance on your selected options.

You can also check the application criteria for proper understanding before proceeding with your application. 

Looking for a way to convert your grades to see if you are a fit for the academic grade requirements, click on the UCAS.

After the successful submission of your application, you will receive an email requiring you to take an online test. The online test aims to see if you are aligned with the culture of England, ways of behaving, and also, to see how you will adapt to the norms of England.

The next in line will be a video interview. The interview is already recorded down for you and you be the only one participating with no one at the other end. Put it this way no one will be online in real-time, your response is all being recorded and will be reviewed later. 

Note: The questions are all timed so you are required to think fast and be sure of the answers you are providing. Even if you are not done answering your questions the system is programmed to short down once the time is elapsed.

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  • The Second Stage:

This is the stage that will determine if you are successful or not. It’s usually two weeks after the application you applied deadline for the program you applied for. 

If you are successful, you will move to the next stage, the assessment center at the London office in your country. Where several tests is been conducted for different programs.

  • The Assessment Stage:

This is a center that you will go to for a one on one interview stage. The assessment centers involve different stages.

  • Industrial Placement: The interview is always with two accessors and group exercises. The assessment center is between November and December.
  • Graduate Development Programme: The assessment takes place between January and February. It is skilled-focused. 
  • Internship Programmes: The assessment for this program varies depending on the year of study but all will take place in February.
  • Level 4 Apprenticeship Development Programme: This takes place in February 
  • Degree Apprenticeship Development Programme: This takes place in February 

They all include an interview with two assessors and a group exercise. Successful students do not need to be British citizens but must be free from any restrictions on their stay in the United Kingdom. Successful applicants will undergo the central internship program (click the internship tab for more information) at the Bank for 6-8 weeks depending on their studies and be awarded scholarship funding towards the costs of living and academic year.

The bank is not responsible for the application of visas or work permits for successful applicants.

BenefitsThe benefits of the program include;

  • Mentoring, coaching, and support from members of the team
  • Close to £5,000 to support living costs during the program of studies.
  • Paid summer internships 

Closure date for the application 

The official deadline for the application of the bank of England has been closed since 3rd January 2022. Anyone who has an interest can apply for the coming academic year 2023 section in November. 

Tips: The Bank of England application always comes out around November. So you might start looking out from November. kindly visit if you want to be considered for more than one program, tender your request.