Cheap Colleges In Canada

Cheap Colleges In Canada

Have you been seeking to discover some of the available cheap colleges in Canada? This article has got you covered! As we will be dealing with the best cheap colleges in Canada you can study. 

But before we get into details about the cheap colleges in Canada, let’s consider some of the reasons why you should choose Canada. 

Why Canada?

Have you ever wondered why thousands of students have chosen to study in Canada yearly? According to Statista, over 500k+ international students graduate from Canada yearly. 

This shows the high number of international students passionate about schooling in Canada. 

If you have ever wondered why you should study in Canada, the below are convincing reasons why you should study in Canada. 

  • A great environment for learning: Canada has one of the best and most conducive environments when it comes to learning. If you want an environment where you will be able to assimilate faster, think no further than Canada. 
  • Affordable Tuition fees: Canada has one of the cheapest tuition fees among all the European countries. If you would like to study in a European country with an affordable Tuition fee, think no further than Canada. 
  • An opportunity to make international connections: Canada is a country filled with people from various walks of life, and from different nationalities and this allows you to make foreign connections that will last a lifetime. 
  • Working while studying: International students are allowed to work while studying, granting financial freedom and working experience to students.\
  • Accessible visa application for international students: one unique thing about studying in Canada is their visa is easily accessible for international students
  • Quality bachelor’s degree program: They have various bachelor’s degree programs put in place, so finding the right course of your study is easy
  • One of the leading countries in technology: They have a great reputation in computer and information technology. Also has an excellent leader in sectors such as transportation, engineering, aerospace, and many others making them a country to reconcile with in terms of high tech.

What Is The Cheapest College In Canada

There are a lot of cheap colleges in Canada that are available for international students. In a rare moment of grandeur, let’s consider some of these colleges. 

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF)

University of Manitoba’s scholarship is for graduate and research students. 

To assess this fellowship, applicants must have 

  • An admission GPA of at least 3.0

GPA requirements can vary from one department to another. 

  • Proof of English language proficiency, students must present any recognized or approved English test score.
  • Scholarship worth – Master’s award – $28,000. Doctoral award – $72,000=
  • Candidates must meet the specific requirements based on their choice of courses.

                                     Canadian scholarships

How to apply

For further details, international students can contact Manitoba Undergraduate Admissions at  or 

Contact directly through 

Undergraduate Admissions

424 UMSU University Centre

66 Chancellors Circle

University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)

Winnipeg, MB Canada

R3T 2N2

(204) 474-8808


(204) 474-7554

Applicants can also apply directly through the Manitoba Nominee Program. 

The Memorial University of Newfoundland

We are going to be looking at another cheapest University in Canada “The Memorial University of Newfoundland”  is one of Canada’s leading teaching and research universities.

All you need to know about Memorial Newfoundland admission 2022

  • Fall intake registration for the year 2022 admission in Newfoundland for undergraduate students started February and the deadline is March 1st, they operate (3) sessions which are winter, spring, and fall. 

Winter session 2022 runs from January-April while the admission deadline is December 13. 

The spring semester starts in May-August and the admission deadline is April 30th. 

Fall term September – December admission deadline August 13.

  • The tuition fee is around 2150-1146 CAD
  • The application process begins online with a fee of 120 CAD through their application portal.
  • The University offers financial aid to international students through scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment.
  • Application requirements vary based on country, so it is advisable to check the requirement for each country on their website before applying.
  • The University offers more than 100 programs for master, bachelor’s, and certificates both for local and international applicants, with the same admission process but courses and study programs have different entry requirements and admission deadlines

Why do you need to study at the Memorial University of Newfoundland?

  • Newfoundland university is ranked 8th among the best universities in Maclean’s 2022 university ranking.
  • It creates opportunities for graduates to work with world-renowned researchers at the university.
  • The University enhances the development of the graduate experience by offering high-quality workshops and training sessions to support professional skills among students.
  • They offer various lists of graduate programs to meet students’ expectations.
  • It is one of the universities that has the lowest tuition rate in Canada, making education affordable for all.
  • The government of Canada allows international students graduates from any university of Canada to stay and work after graduation
  • Academically eligible students in research programs are eligible for graduate funding, this applies to both international and Canadian students.

For more information on how to apply for a postgraduate work permit and immigration advice offered by Newfoundland, please visit the Internationalization Office website 

or call 709-864-8895 and leave a message with your name and student number.

Some other affordable universities to check out in Canada are:-

University of Toronto

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $42,870 – $49,800

Master’s Degree Tuition: $6,900 – $22,640

University of Montreal

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $13,048 – $16,990

Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,372

McGill University

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $16,815 – $45,263

Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,816

McMaster University

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $20,808 – $27,978

Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,761 – $17,096

University of British Columbia

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $25,978 – $36,588

Master’s Degree Tuition: $8,605

In Conclusion

This article has discussed the cheap colleges in Canada, and also how you can apply for them. Some of the requirements for this include

Passport information

A translated copy of your transcript

Proof of finances

International application

You will also need a student visa to study for longer than (6) six months in Canada. The application can be done online and cost 150 CAD.

Before the approval of your visa by the government of Canada, you must provide your university acceptance letter, your financial status document, your health history certificate, and proof of no criminal record.

All in all, you can make the right decision concerning studying in Canada with this information provided, let your dreams of studying abroad come into reality.