Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Robot: An Unbiased Review

Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Robot: An Unbiased Review, Artificial intelligence is influencing every sector of our lives these days, and this includes cryptocurrency trading. Several bots can analyze market data, watch trends, and enter trades on your behalf. These bots watch out for you in the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency market, responding to market movements even while you sleep and making decisions on your behalf based on some analytics.

But, just as it is in everything else, all cryptocurrency trading robots are not born equal. So, here is a tell-all review of one of the most popular cryptocurrency robots in town – Royal Q.


An Overview of Royal Q Crypto Auto-trader

‘Royal Q’ is a short way of saying ‘royal quantitative.’ It is so-called because it uses what is known as a quantitative approach to commodity trading. This approach is reported to have been hitherto available only to a select few but high brow private equity funds across the world.

Based on profound mathematical models, the quantitative trading approach uses advanced mathematical models to make buying and selling decisions based on a set of high-probability events. These high-probability events draw from an extremely wide array of historical data. Thus, the logic of its decisions is near perfect.

While the quantitative approach to commodity trading is said to have been available only to a few big guns in high-brow financial centers, a Chinese company has applied it in the Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Bot, thereby making it available to the general public. Thus, the bot automates the process and helps to reduce the negative impact of subjective emotions in trading cryptocurrency. It studies and interprets market data by subjecting them to absolutely objective scrutiny.

Indeed, using the Royal Q bot is just like hiring a top expert to trade on your behalf. The only difference may be that it is far more affordable than hiring a real human to trade on your behalf.


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Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Robot An Unbiased Review

How Does Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Work? 

The digital machine is built to integrate with popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It trades with the fund available in your exchange account based on the permissions you allow it. In the setting, you have the freedom to choose the coin pairs that you want Royal Q to trade for you and other parameters. The trading goes on round the clock until you decide to stop it.

So far, the Royal Q API can integrate with Binance and Huobi exchange platforms only. While the bot only makes use of the fund in a wallet that you give it access to, you can always access the fund yourself and see what is happening to it (including the profits and the total balance at any time). You can also reset your permissions or unbound the robot completely from the exchange account.

According to an official statement from the Royal Q company, the bot’s type of quantitative trading is ‘trend trading arbitrage.’ This is to say that its decisions are based on the big picture of the trends in the industry. Other types of quantitative trading are cross-platform brick-moving and hedging arbitrage. However, since Royal Q has nothing to do with the other two types of quantitative trading, we will also have nothing to do with them in this review.

Here Are The Features of the Royal Q Robot

  • It trades 50 pairs of cryptocurrencies. 
  • It uses the margin/spot trading approach by default. While you can reset this if you choose, a reset is not recommended because it will make liquidation possible.
  • It works round the clock.
  • So far, it integrates with Binance and Huobi only.
  • It does not close a trade in a loss. Instead, if it enters a trade for a pair of tokens and the price drops, it stays in a state of ‘floating loss’ while waiting for the pair to improve before it goes into the trade. In the meantime, it opens other positions with a prospect.
  • The company guarantees a daily profit of between 5 and 10%. Where you fall within the range will ultimately depend on your particular setting and working capital.
  • The bot is backed by an affiliate program (which I will talk about below). 


Using the bot attracts a yearly fee of 120 USDT. Although the company did not state it, new users should expect to part with an additional 20 USDT as a ‘gas fee.’ But, this ‘gas fee’ is paid only once when the user starts trading, and it is deducted from the initial profit.

Other than the above payment, the only other investment that you need is your capital. The capital should be at least $100. 

How to Activate And Start Using The Bot

For you to start using the Royal Q robot, you must take the following steps:

  1.  Sign up for a Royal Q account. 
  2. Activate the account by paying the sum of 120 USDT. The on-screen prompts enabling you to do this are clear enough.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the robot to either your Binance or Huobi account.

Note that you cannot connect the robot to your cryptocurrency exchange account until you have activated it by paying the yearly fee. Otherwise, if you try to connect it without paying the activation fee, you will get an error message saying ‘user not activated.’ 

The Royal Q Affiliate Program

Apart from the Royal Q robot helping you make profits on your capital, another important way it can help you make money is through its affiliate program.

Just as it is with any other affiliate program, the Royal Q company pays you some commission when someone you referred activates the robot with a yearly payment. There are six different commission levels available to every Royal Q affiliate. These levels are identified as V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6. The six levels are explained below:

  • V1 Level: This is the starting level. Here the affiliates receive a 30 USDT commission each time someone who signed up with their affiliate link activates their Royal Q account. For a V1 affiliate to rise to a V2 level, they need to have referred three activated users and 20 activated users in their team.
  • V2 Level: An affiliate gets paid 40 USDT for every direct referral who activated their account at this level. They also get paid 10 USDT for every indirect referral who activated their account. 
  • V3 Level: For V2 affiliates to ascend to V3, they must have five direct referrals and 50 team members in all. Three of the direct referrals must be V2 affiliates. The V3 affiliates get paid 50 USDT for every direct referral and 10 USDT for indirect referrals.
  • V4 Levels: At this level, affiliates get paid 60 USDT for each direct referral. 
  • V5 Levels: At this level, affiliates get paid 70 USDT for every activated direct referral. 
  • V6 Level: Here, affiliates receive 80 USDT for every direct referral. They also get some commission from every trading going on on the platform.

Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Robot An Unbiased Review


There is no doubt that Royal Q is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading robots in the market right now. And, if it is one of the most popular, then it must be because it is working better than many of its competitors. First, however, let It be noted that this is not a get-rich-quick tool. It is rather a tool for long-term investment.

Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading Robot An Unbiased Review

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