Man puzzled about how to repay woman who bought him an iPhone 12 pro

The latest entertainment news ListAwe has for you today might come as a shock to many of those reading this article. Trending on Twitter this morning is the case of a man whose woman bought him an iPhone 12 pro. 

The man’s post read;
woke up to iPhone 12 pro, how can I repay this woman?
Our initial reaction when we saw this was pretty much similar to yours. We were also surprised as to how a woman would buy a man such an expensive phone. 
To many Nigerians, this was something most of them have never seen. Many couldn’t hide their astonishment as to how a woman would buy a man an iPhone. 
What is the reason for their astonishment, you might ask. Well, many people in this part of the world grow up to think of women as dependent humans; humans whose needs must constantly be kept. So, this case came as a surprise to them.
This picture was posted online and as expected, it got many reactions. Would you like to see some of them? We have quite a few for you. Keep on scrolling;

The guy who this blog post is about shared with us some pictures of the package he received from his woman. They included an iPhone 12 pro and a sum of money in Dollars. 
Here are pictures of the things he received;

To the women reading this article, I would like to ask you a question. 

Can you buy your man something this expensive?

Thanks for reading this piece. See you guys on our next blog post. ❤️❤️

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