How to Make Money As A College Student 

How to make money as a college student should be one of the alternatives you should consider if you want to increase the level of your finances. 

Considering the fact that the global economy is fast becoming digitalized and this comes with so many online businesses and opportunities. 

There are numerous reasons that should make you consider making money online. Whether you are a student or a graduate, you can make extra money to take care of and support yourself.

If you are an applicant seeking employment or a job, you can use your smartphone to earn good money through online business.

As an employee of a company, you can actually double your earnings and diversify the stream of your income through online businesses because the possibilities are endless. 

If you are currently in South Africa and have been wondering and looking for how you can earn money online and earn extra income to attain a financial breakthrough. 

You should worry no more, take your time and painstakingly read this article because this article reveals to you the hidden ways that people are currently making money online in South Africa. 

Top ways On How To Make Money as A College Student

How to Make Money As A College Student 

  • Start a blog 
  • start a YouTube channel 
  • Voiceovers
  • Dropshipping 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Writing and publishing an ebook
  • General Freelancing 
  • Forex trading 
  • Buying and selling 
  • cryptocurrency 

Start a blog.

                         How to Make Money As A College Student  

Blogging is one of the ways How To Make Money as A College Student.

From stories, jokes, politics, sports, animals, and events,  anything you can actually think of. The interesting thing about blogging is that if you have successfully built your blog and you start generating traffic to your blog. 

You will be making money even when you are sleeping, eating, on vacation, or even playing, all you just need to do is to be focused and hardworking. 

Blogging can actually make you richer than you could have ever imagined, it can make you become a millionaire. All you just have to do is continuously build your blog, expand your audience and generate traffic to your blog.

Start a YouTube channel.

         How to Make Money As A College Student  

Starting a YouTube channel is another lucrative way of how To Make Money as A College Student

If you can make videos like comedy skits,  inspirational and motivational videos with your phone or camera.

You can make good money by uploading these videos on your YouTube channel. YouTube is a video platform that can make you rich and automatically project you to fame and the limelight. 

You can make videos of virtually anything and upload them on your YouTube channel and share them across other social media platforms to generate traffic to build and promote your brand. 

As the number of views increases, you can make money with affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and other methods. 

Voice Over. 

A voice-over recording is a voice of a person giving a narration in a film or a broadcast, explaining, highlighting, or providing additional information to what the viewers see. 

You may be wondering if it is possible to make money online from the comfort of your home using your voice. The answer is emphatic yes because this article will guide you through the various ways you can do voice-over and earn good money.

Creating audiobooks :

You can create an audiobook and upload it online to make good money. In recent times, audiobooks seem to be in high demand because people see them as an easy way to learn and obtain information while engaging in some other activities like washing, driving, working up, and engaging in some other domestic chores.

By Selling Radio Ads. 

How to Make Money As A College Student 

Many radio stations pay people to make Ads for them, you should also consider this as a fantastic opportunity because this can be done in the comfort of your home. 

You only need to get a good quality microphone, audio editing software, and a good soundproofing system. You can also create a voice-over demo and send them to many radio stations as a means of applying for a job from them. 

Voice Over for videos. 

This is another means of making money with voice-over. This is where video ads are created using your voice to narrate the video. There are several sites online where people are employed or hired to video voice-over. 


Dropshipping is an online model on How To Make Money as A College Student

When customers want to buy products from a dropshipping store, third-party supplies, and send the products directly to them,  the customers pay the retail price that you set on the products, and you pay the wholesale price to the supplier, and the profit made is yours. 

Affiliate marketing.

                         How to Make Money As A College Student  

Affiliate marketing is another top way you can make money online. If you are a good sales or marketing person, you definitely need to consider affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products to people online and you make money through commission if the customers buy the products through you. 

If you are a person that is very good at conversation, you should consider going into affiliate marketing.

For you to become an affiliate marketer, all you just need to do is to register or join an affiliate marketing network, then find and choose products to promote, which you can easily promote on your social media. Platforms like Facebook,  Instagram, blogs, and other social media platforms. 

Writing and publishing e-books. 

How to Make Money As A College Student 

This is another way

How To Make Money as A College Student

An electronic book (e-book)  is a book publication that is made available in digital form.  People opt for the purchase of e-books of their relatively low price and comfort,

as they can easily be accessed on any computer device features like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

As an ebook publisher, you have several options or mediums that you can employ to sell your book. You can make the book available in PDF for your readers’ example PayPal link, which the readers can visit and download your book. You can also set up your personal website and directly sell your book online. 

General freelancing

                  How to Make Money As A College Student  

If you have special skills like writing, typing, programming, graphic design, and coding, then freelancing might just be the next big thing that will land you good money. 

All you have to do is to register and join the freelancing website and you will find people that are looking for people with your kind of skills. 

Forex trading 

Forex trading is another online platform you can actually make good money from. 

Forex trading is all about currency exchange. With the idea of forex, you can also trade with binary.

options, which allows you to predict if the price of a particular currency will go up or come down. 

Buying and selling cryptocurrency. 

How to Make Money As A College Student 

Many businesses around the world are accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment and it is widely believed that cryptocurrency might be the local currency in years to come.

Considering the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, you should consider going into the business  (buying and selling cryptocurrency).


 As you can see from this article that there are numerous ways you can make money online in South Africa, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a student, employee, business owner, undergraduate or a professional, all you have to do is to choose and start-up anyone that suits your talents and skills,  work harder to expand it and see yourself turning into a  millionaire in a short possible time.