All You Should Know About University of Chicago medicine

The University of Chicago Medicine is a non-profit academic healthcare system belonging to the University of Chicago and was established in 1927. It has numerous outpatient clinics and hospitals throughout Chicago and its environs.

The University of Chicago Medicine is located at 5841 S Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, USA. It is recognized as one of the nation’s top academic medical institutions.

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This article contains

  • The University of Chicago medical center
  • The University of Chicago Pritzker school of medicine
  • The University of Chicago biological science division
  • University of Chicago medicine jobs and career
  • University of Chicago medicine phone numbers
  • University of Chicago medicine locations
  • University of Chicago medicine human resources

The University of Chicago medicine comprises various organizations that help it fulfill its mission of medical education, patient care, and research. 

These organizations include: the University of Chicago medical center in Hyde Park, the Pritzker school of medicine, the biological science division, and Ingalls Memorial, a community-based hospital and outpatient facility in suburban Harvey

University of Chicago medical center

The University of Chicago medical center (University of Chicago Medicine) is a top-ranked academic medical center located in Hyde Park on the Southside of Chicago and was established in 1898.

It functions as the teaching hospital for the Pritzker school of medicine. Moreover, it has primary medical facilities on campus, including the center for care and delivery, comer children’s hospital, and Bernard A. Mitchell hospital.

The University of Chicago medical center comprises of:

The University of Chicago Pritzker school of medicine

The Pritzker school of medicine is the medical school of the University of Chicago. The school is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and was established in 1927.

 Moreover, it is situated in the university’s main campus in the historical Hyde Park region of Chicago and among the highest-ranked medical schools in the USA.

The medical school offers full-time doctor of medicine (M.D) degrees, joint doctorates degrees, MD-PhD programs in medicine.

Pritzker school of medicine admission

University of Chicago Medicine

The Pritzker school of medicine is a highly competitive medical school with a low acceptance rate of 4.65%, a GPA of 3.9, and an average MCAT score of 520.

When applying to the University of Chicago Pritzker School of medicine, the following are needed for a complete application.

  • A verified AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service): every applicant who applies through AMCAS will receive a Pritzker school of medicine secondary application by email.
  • A complete secondary application
  • Letters of recommendation: at least one premedical advisor’s note or a minimum of three individual letters. There is no maximum letter limit. 

However, if an applicant wishes to submit individual letters of accommodation, two letters of recommendation from science faculty are required

  • MCAT score(s)
  • Application fee of $85

Moreover, after a complete application, the Admission Committee reviews the applicant’s AMCAS application, secondary application, and letters of recommendation.

If the applicant’s credentials meet their standards when reviewed, they are invited to interview via email.

Pritzker school of medicine admission timeline

  • AMCAS filing

May 31st to November 15

  • AMCAS deadline

November 15

  • Supplemental application deadline

December 1st

  • Letters of recommendation deadline

December 1st

  • MD interview dates

August to February (Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays)

  • MSTP interview dates

September to January

  • Acceptance notification
  • Rolling acceptance


  • Acceptance response deadline

April 30th

Pritzker school of medicine tuition and fees

2021/2022 estimated annual cost of attendance is as follows:

Direct expenses

Tuition                         $57,680(3 Qtrs) 

Student life fee                $1,248

Lab. Fee                          $150

Medical equipment          $529

Transcript fee                   $75   

Disability insurance         $315

Loan fees                         $312

Indirect expenses

Room-and-board             $16,800

Study materials                $1,200

Personal expenses          $3,389

Transportation                  $2,226

Total:                                 $83,925

Est. Health insurance       $4,566

Total with health insurance $88,491

Note: tuition fees generally increase at approximately 2% – 4% each year.

The biological science division

The biological sciences are divided into departments, institutes, committees, and centers.

Basic science departments

  • Ben May Department for cancer
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Microbiology
  • Human genetics
  • Neurobiology
  • Molecular genetics and cell biology
  • Pharmacological and physiological sciences
  • Organismal biology and anatomy
  • Public health science

Clinical departments

  • Family medicine
  • Anesthesia and critical care
  • Ophthalmology and Visual Science
  • Neurology
  • Medicine
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation medicine
  • Psychiatric and behavioral
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiation and cellular oncology
  • Neuroscience
  • Surgery
  • Radiology

Interdisciplinary committees

  • Clinical and translational science
  • Cancer biology
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Development, regeneration, and stem cell biology
  • Immunology
  • Neurobiology
  • Genetics, genomics, and systems biology
  • Medical physics
  • Molecular metabolism and nutrition
  • Microbiology


  • Bucksbaum Institute of Clinical Excellence
  • Grossman Institute for neuroscience
  • Duchossois family institute
  • Institute of biophysical dynamics
  • Quantitative biology and human behavior
  • Institutes for genomics and systems biology
  • Institute for translational medicine
  • Institute for population and precision health


  • Gwen Knapp center for lupus and immunology research
  • Centre for research informatics
  • Center for personalized therapeutics
  • Centre for global health
  • Centre for health and social sciences
  • University of Chicago research Bangladesh
  • University of Chicago medicine comprehensive cancer center
  • Tang center for herbal medicine research
  • The microbiome center
  • MacLean Center for clinical medical ethics

The University of Chicago medicine jobs and careers

The following are the current job listings of the University of Chicago medicine:

  • Surgical technologist II
  • Mammography technologist, days
  • Radiography technologist, registry
  • Ultrasound technologist, evenings
  • Eeg technologist I, evenings
  • Director of the payer contracting
  • Particular procedure nurse, in-house registry
  • Medical assistant
  • Staff nurse-adult emergency department
  • Computerized tomography scanner technologist, rotating
  • Staff pharmacist, registry
  • Medical technologist
  • Receptionist, UCM Care Network
  • Transplant nurse, post kidney
  • Transplant nurse, post-liver
  • Ultrasound technologist, UCM Care Network
  • Critical care outreach nurse
  • Respiratory therapist (pediatrics)-RRT or CRT
  • Manager, respiratory care services
  • Pulmonary function testing respiratory therapist-PFT RRT
  • Hospital operations administrator (RN)
  • Respiratory therapist (Adults)-RRT or CRT
  • Clinical director of adult and pediatric emergency services and pediatrics sedation
  • Surgical technologist, labor and delivery
  • Contract tracer (temporary)
  • Sr. Marketing and communications specialist
  • Interventional radiology technologist (IR), Days
  • Physical therapist II – pelvic health

For more job listings, see Uchicago jobs

University of Chicago medicine phone numbers

University of Chicago Medicine

Below is the University of Chicago hospital phone number directory:

University of Chicago medicine:

+1 888-824-0200

Medical Center main number: 773-702-1000

University main number: 773-702-1234

Adult admitting office: 773-702-6233

Adult emergency room: 773-702-6250

Billing: 773-702- 6664

The University of Chicago medicine human resources

University of Chicago medicine human resources are responsible for handling issues such as training and development, workforce planning, performance management, health information management, research, etc.

Moreover, it comprises people engaged in actions whose primary aim is to improve positive health outcomes. The human resources consist of nursing professionals, pharmacists, physicians, midwives, dentists, and other healthcare providers.

University of Chicago human resources phone number: 773-702-2355


The University of Chicago Medicine is an integrated academic and community health system. It was centered in historic Hyde Park, where the medical center complex is situated on the University of Chicago campus.

Furthermore, University of Chicago advanced medicine specialists in heart care, orthopedics, cancer, and other specializations help patients through clinical partnerships and joint venture programs in new Lenox, northwest Indiana, and Kankakee, among other regions.

It consists of the University of Chicago medicine, biological science division, Ingalls memorial, and outpatient facilities.

The outpatient facilities are located across the suburbs from the magnificent mile, River East and the South Loop in the center of Chicago to Orlando Park, Tinley Park, Flossmoor, Calumet City, and South Holland in the southern regions.