How Much Does it Cost to Cremate a Dog

Have you been willing to know How Much Does it Cost to Cremate a Dog? You have all the information you needed right here.

You are to cremate your dog for the sake of the happy memories you shared in the past.

Good times spent together with your pets, especially dogs for their faithfulness to you during their lifetime should not be easily forgotten at death.

When you cremate your dog and label them with the name you used to call it, its memory lives longer with you.

You can’t just wade those memories away in a short time.

It is worth the honor and remembrance you want to give it.

Dogs are like members of the family.

What You Need to Know About Dog Cremation and Burials

Dog Cremation

Dog cremation is the most common type of pet cremation because of its closeness to humans.

There are flame cremation and alkaline hydrolysis cremation processes 

  1. Flame/Heat Cremation 

This is a process of dog cremation in which the remains of your dog are placed in a cremation chamber, then incinerated under the intense temperature of about 1400°F to 1800°F until the organic matter is reduced to ash and bones.

It takes about two hours to cremate a dog, depending on the size.

Inspection for metal objects (from dog’s collar, tags, or surgical pin) is done on your dog’s ash and if any is found, it is removed either by magnetic or manual method.

Any bone that didn’t incinerate is pulverized into fine dust-like ash.

The crematorium pours your dog’s ash into a plastic bag and returns it to you.

If your crematorium allows you to provide an urn, box, or other enclosed container, then you use it for the perfect final resting place for your dog.

How Much Does it Cost to Cremate a Dog

You can make the container a decorative piece that can be displayed in your home to memorialize your dog and hold it close to your heart.

  1. Alkaline Hydrolysis (Aquamation)

The new process of dog cremation uses a gentle flow of water, combined with temperature and water-soluble alkaline which accelerate the decomposition of your dog in a pressurized chamber. 

It’s a more natural and environmentally friendly cremation.

Your dog’s ash will be given to you to memorialize the way you like.

Dog Burial

Dog burial is the traditional way of digging a deep grave, placing the remains of your dead dog in it, and then covering it with sand.

Before you bury your dog, you have to remove any unnatural material from it like its collar, ID tags, leash, etc.

You can bury your dog on your private property or in a pet cemetery.

There are some rules and limitations that are involved in dog burial.

Processes that are involved in dog burial are as follows;

If you decide to bury your dog on your private property, you need to

  1. Check the rules and regulations in your local area to be sure if it is allowed.
  2. Organize a burial service for your dog.
  3. Pay for the plot of land for the burial.
  4. Buy a kind of casket for your dog, 
  5. Dig a grave that must be deep enough.
  6. Mark the grave with some kind of signifier.

You also need to be prepared to always drive to the cemetery to visit your dog in the future

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 Dog Cremation vs. Dog Burial: which  is better (compare cost, process, etc)

Dog Cremation:

  • Cremation of dogs is economical compared to dog burial. 
  • You have a choice whether or not to have your dog ash returned to you.
  • There are different beautiful and unique ways available for keeping your dog’s remains and creating a lasting memorial.
  • Unlike dog burial, you don’t need to actively participate in the cremation process.
  • There is no need to pay for a dog casket, the land your dog will be buried, the headstone, and the burial service.
  • The time you’ll spend on cremating your dog is much less than burial.
  • The crematorium gives you the cremains in a modest container for serialization, but after burial, you need to travel to visit your dog’s cemetery.
  • Cremation of your dog is environmentally friendly, doesn’t produce toxic emissions and no ground space is used

Dog Burial:

  • Pet cemeteries offer relieving, sacred places to visit your dog’s remains.
  • If your local regulations permit home burial, it is a good option for you. 
  • Make the grave deep enough to prevent wildlife from disturbing you.
  • If you bury your dog at your present residence, you will not be able to take its remains with you if you change accommodation.

How Much Does Dog Burial Cost?

The cost of a dog burial depends on different variables such as the following:

  1. Pet Size

Cemeteries charge for dog burials based on the necessary burial plot, which directly depends on the size of the dog.

  1. Burial Type 

The type of burial you want to give your dog determines the cost of the burial.

  1. Memorial Accessories 

The base cost of your dog burial may increase based on your choice of accessories to help memorialize your dog. 

Some of the accessories include headstones, plaques, bronzed paw prints, keepsakes, cremation jewelry, etc

  1. Plot Availability 

The location of some plots within the cemetery determines how expensive the plot is. 

Sometimes, the mausoleum is preferred to the burial site.

Cost burial for a dog in the US starts from $1,500 and above depending on the casket size, price of the land, etc

How Much Does Dog Cremation Cost?

The cost of dog cremation differs from one place to another and also depends on the size/weight of your dog and the type of cremation.

Below are average prices, which will give you a basic idea:

Things that needed to be paid for are;

  1. Cremation of your dog

This can be between $50 – $350, depending on the facility you use, the weight of your dog, and the type of cremation you choose.

  1. Pick-up 

Outside of their business hours, the pickup charge runs around $30 to $45.

  1. Viewing

A charge of approximately $20 to $30 is charged if you wish to witness your dog’s cremation.

  1. Urn

An urn or other container costs between $50 to $1,000. 

Types of Cremation 

There are three main types of cremation: communal, private relations, and witnessed relations.

They are as follows

  • Communal Cremation

Communal cremation is when your dog is cremated with other dogs and their ashes can not be separated but kept together.

Though the cost is as low as $25 to $70,                                                         you cannot collect the remains of your dog.

This choice is terrific but for money issues.

Partitioned/Divided Cremation is a type of communal cremation in which two or more dogs/pets are cremated together each partitioned off in the cremation chamber.

You may collect the ash of your dog but possibly mixed with some ash of another pet.

  • Private Cremation

In a private cremation, your dog is cremated all alone and the ash is available for you to keep the way you like.

The cost of private cremation for your dog is far higher than that of communal cremation. 

It costs between $150 to $250, this also depends on the weight of your dog.

  • Witnessed Cremation:

Witnessed cremation helps you with the grieving process as it allows you to watch the cremation of your dog.

Though you are to pay a separate amount for witnessing your dog’s cremation.

It costs $20 to $30 to witness your dog’s cremation.

8 Things to Consider Before Cremating your Dog.  

It’s a sure thing that the death of your dog is something you don’t want to believe can happen.

Though it’s difficult to prepare for the loss of your dog, it’s something you have to do.

The grief that comes with the departure of your fur friend will make it difficult for you to make the right choice between burial and cremation or even the type of cremation.

It’s advisable to discuss your options with your family and veterinarian in advance to make the right decision.

The following are to be considered before cremating your dog;

  1. Dog Cremation Process

The process of dog cremation involves placing its body in an enclosed space that is heated to a very high temperature of 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Within a few hours, your dog is reduced to ash and bone fragments.

  1. Dog Cremation Options

Pet crematoriums offer private(only your dog is being cremated), communal(your dog is being cremated with others, though cheaper than private), partitioned, and witnessed relations

  1. Choice of Service Provider

You are to carry out online research for the quality crematorium of your choice.

  1. Cost of Dog Cremation

The cost of dog cremation varies from one crematorium to another. You need to make your choice based on your budget.

  1. Weight of Your Dog Ash(Cremains)

The weight of your dog’s ash after the cremation is approximately 3.5% of its weight before cremation.

This means your dog that weighs 50 pounds before the cremation gives 1.75 pounds of ash.

  1. Types and Costs of Urns

If you want to store the dog’s ashes in a pet urn, prepare for $50 to $150 or more depending on the type of urn you chose.

  1. Your Dog’s Memorial 

Your dog is like your family member. you need to honor your beloved fur friend in memorable ways by;

  • Hold a pet memorial service during which people share beautiful memories of your beloved dog.
  • Put together a photo album by choosing a photo album that helps you to put your dog’s photos and descriptions of what happened in each image.
  • Create a memory box where you keep your dog’s collar, leash, ID tags, a favorite toy, training certificate, and ribbon that brings back fond memories.
  1. Loco9The Color of your Dog Ash(Cremains)

The color of your dog ash should be a silver-grey color. If the color is black, it then means that the cremation was not properly carried out and regulations breached.


If the idea of visiting a dog cemetery to commune with your special pup isn’t appealing, then cremation might be your answer

Considering the above points and the time and love you shared with your four-footed dog, you will agree with me that it is better to cremate your dog than to bury it.