UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO: Fees, Ranking and Course Details

The University of Toronto is one of the best institutions in Canada and there is no better choice to pursue your career than here.

In the QS Global World Rankings 2022, the University of Toronto ranked #26.

Making the University of Toronto your choice of academic learning environment will give you fulfillment.

I can assure you of your satisfaction in every ramification. From academic to accommodation, job, and every other thing.

The school offers an unparalleled array of academic opportunities and experiences.

Whether you want to go for undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the choice is yours.

Their fees are not too costly, all you need is to get the details and prepare for your chosen course.

Admission to University of Toronto

In this article, you are here to learn about the University of Toronto’s

  • Undergraduate admission, 
  • Postgraduate admission
  • Requirements
  • Acceptance fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Job opportunities, etc

University of Toronto’s Application Forms

Your current situation determines the type of application form you will fill out for admission to undergraduate programs.

The following categories determine the application form you need to fill out and submit.

All applications for all the categories should apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

OUAC is the body in charge of application processes for each of Ontario universities.

The applications categories are as follows:


  • OUAC 101 Application for the Current Ontario High School Students

Any interested current Ontario High School Student is to complete the application form OUAC 101. You can apply if you:


  • are currently a full-time Ontario high-school student


  • Left high school less than seven months ago.


  • Desire to have six Grade 12 U/M courses at the end of the present year with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)


  • have not attended a post-secondary institution (college/university)


You can apply here for the OUAC 101 Application 


  • International Applicants (University of Toronto International Application)

All International students should apply through the University of Toronto International Application.


If you are currently living outside of Canada, was not once a student in a Canadian university, and not presently studying in any university.


International students who wish to apply to U of T the University of Toronto and other Ontario universities should apply only once through the OUAC 105 Application 


NOTE: Application Fee – $180 (Non- refundable fee)


The application process services of the University of Toronto have been contracted to Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). 


You are to direct all your application process questions to the OUAC because they have made provision for that.


From the application process, you will be transferred to the OUAC website where you will be required to create an OUAC Account, complete and submit your application. 


  • Full-time Degree Applicants who are not Students of Ontario High School.

Also, if you are not attending any Ontario High School Day program presently, and are not a former or present student of U of T, then the OUAC 105 Application is for you.


You are expected to pay a non-refundable U of T supplementary fee of $90 in addition to the OUAC application service.


Access the form here OUAC 105 Application


  • Previously or currently registered students as Full-time Degree Applicants 

You are to use the University of Toronto Internal Application if you:


  • Are not in Continuing Education Studies but have registered for a degree, or non-degree, or visiting student in the University of Toronto.


Were you once a student at the University of Toronto and want to come back for the same division or faculty you attended? You have to get in touch with your former Registrar’s Office.


You will be informed of the right step to take concerning your application.


You will pay a non-refundable fee of $90.


NOTE: For the U of T Internal Transfer applicants, the email address you provided in the University of Toronto Student Information System (ACORN) will be used to send application-related messages and updates.


You can change your email address on (ACORN) or contact your Registrar’s Office.


The application process services of the University of Toronto have been contracted to Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). 


You are to direct all your application process questions to the OUAC because they have made provision for that.


From the application process, you will be transferred to the OUAC website where you will be required to create an OUAC Account, complete and submit your application. 


Access the Internal application  


  1. Applicants Intending to Study Part-Time (Part-Time Application)

Part-Time Application is available for students who want to study arts, science, commerce/management, or engineering courses towards a degree.


NOTE: Students who want to attend a daytime program in secondary school should NOT use this form but should use one of the OUAC Applications.


Only part-time applicants who can attend classes in the evening should consult the appropriate online timetable of the university.


Applicants who previously registered at the U of Toronto and desire to return to the same faculty or division must contact their former Registrar’s Office to know if they are eligible to re-register or reapply using this application.


You will pay a nonrefundable fee of $90.


Access the Part-Time Application.


  1. Non-Degree Applicants (Non-Degree Application)

If you desire to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school, a professional program, or for personal interest, then use the Non-Degree Application 


Non-Degree students are to enroll in the courses they have prerequisites, such courses are available in arts, science, or commerce/management degree. 


The student’s admission is based on your post-secondary academic record and recent annual average GPA.


They are not proceedings towards a degree.


For more information, contact your former/present Registrar’s Office.

Admission Requirements


Use Program Finder to identify your academic background and review the admission requirements for your intended program of study.


Are you interested in applying for:

  • Medical Radiation Sciences,
  • Nursing, or
  • Physician Assistant Programs


Find out your admission requirements from the Professional and Graduate Program 


After you have met the general admission requirements of the University of Toronto, you still need to present specific subject prerequisite 


There are provisional admissions for qualified applicants from all educational backgrounds and current secondary school or post-secondary schools of Ontario universities. 

Tuition & Fees

The program you choose to study determines the cost of studies at a post-secondary institution. Other determinant factors are:


  • Where you live in residence, 


  • The cost of books, 


  • Equipment, 


  • Transportation and


  • Other living expenses.


Applicants need to note that fees are all listed in Canadian currency and are subject to change.


The fees and expenses are effective for the 2021-2022 academic year.


The fees and expenses for the 2022-2023 academic year will be available in April.


The Fees and expenses are for a normal full-time course load of 5.0 credits.


Fees and expenses per course are available on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.


Fee and expenses for each course will also be available for selection and registration.


Tuition Fees (2021-22)


PROGRAM                        COSTS.    


Bioinformatics                   $6,100 (Year 1)                                    Computer Science   

Information Security          $11,420 (Upper       



Communication.                International

Culture,                            $58,160 (Year 1)

Information & 

Technology.                      $60,150 (Upper 

Digital Enterprise              Year)


Biomedical Communication

Visual Culture & Communication


All Commerce                        Domestic     programs                          $6,100 (Year 1)


Human                              $15,900 (Upper    Resource                          Year)



                                         $58,160 (Year 1)


                                         $66,110 (Upper  



All Management                     Domestic

programs                         $6,100 (Year 1)

(except Human 

Resource                     $12,720 (Major)

Management,             $15,900 (Specialist)

                                    (Upper Year)

as listed above)


                                   $58,160 (Year 1)

                                   $60,150 (Major)

                                   $66,110 (Specialist)

                                    (Upper Year)



All Other                               Domestic

Programs                          $6,100 (Year 1)

(not specifically 

mentioned above)            $6,100+ (Upper      




                                         $58,160 (Year 1)


                                        $58,160+ (Upper



Other Additional Costs (2021-22)



Incidental Fees                         $1,885.60


Incidental fees are for

athletics and recreation 


student societies, student 

health and dental plans, and

campus-based services.


Residence                     $11,000 – $16,000


The cost of Board and lodging 

costs for the school academic 

the year is determined by  

the place you live, 

the meal plan you 

chose, and your 

other living expenses.


Books & School               $1,000 – $2,000



A variety of textbooks, computer equipment, lab equipment, special classroom aids, etc are required for each program of study.


Parking on Campus        $644.35 and up


If you have a car that you want to park on campus, you have to pay daily or annually for parking space.


Public Transit /                Fare-free rides*

U-Pass / Missy 


If you don’t have a private car, you can travel on public bus and shuttle such as Mississauga Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit, U-Pass (universal bus pass), etc.


U of T Mississauga /       Fare-free rides*

St. George Shuttle


Registered students can ride on inter-campus shuttle services without paying a fare. 


This service is offered by the St. George campus, UTM for students who are taking courses or visiting.


It’s free for UTM students who have a valid TCard.


University Health                          $756

Insurance Plan (UHIP)


An annual university health plan, required for All international students are required to have an annual university health plan, except given an exemption. The charge for this is included in your tuition statement.


International Education Centre website on health insurance.  

Work-Study Program

Do you know you can work and study at the same time at the University of Toronto?


There are programs twice a year (fall-winter and summer)that provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your skills, deepen your knowledge, and explore how your academic studies translate to career possibilities.


CCR recognizes all the work-study positions. Over 3,500 students participate yearly in Work-Study programs across the University of Toronto.


Why Should I Participate in a Work-Study Program?

To ensure you are intentional about knowledge and skills you want to strengthen and develop, students in the Work-Study program are expected to set learning goals for their experiences.


The school has recommended that the students should complete the activities in the Professional Development Workbook


You need to visit the Events & Workshops CLNx page and select your campus based on some career workshops that are available on each campus.


Log in to for the following information:


  • Program Dates


  • Hours and Rate of Pay


  • Student Eligibility


  • Only International students who have a Social Insurance Number before he/she will be paid. If you don’t have one please apply through Service Canada.


There must be a document of 

Students and employers must document all the work-study hours, complete and sign on the time-sheet before submitting it to the payroll officer.