OmegaPro Review: Is OmegaPro legit or scam?

OmegaPro’s authenticity has always been in question since it shot up in popularity amongst forex traders. For many in the game, the certainty that OmegaPro is legit or scam is unknown.

Forex trading OmegaPro legit or scam

On the surface, OmegaPro looks like a reputable organization especially since its website is designed in such an amazing, user-friendly way.

But, as we have learnt numerous times, not all that glitters is gold. Could this be true for OmegaPro?

We know you are asking questions and we are ready to provide answers. In this OmegaPro review, we would give you all the information you need to determine if OmegaPro is legit or a big SCAM!

Three years! That’s how long OmegaPro has been in the forex trading industry. In that time, they have been making quite some noise on all fronts. So much that people, forex traders and non-forex traders are interested in knowing more about them. Fortunately, this article is written for that purpose.

What is OmegaPro business?

OmegaPro is an online trading broker that offers forex, indices, commodities, ETFs, shares and options for trading online via the broker’s proprietary trading platform.

Now that you know what this platform is and what it represents, you might feel interested in knowing how to open an account with them. So next up, we ask a question about how to open an account with them and as usual, provide a satisfactory answer.

How old is OmegaPro?

OmegaPro is 2 years old. It was established way back in 2019.

Who are the founders of OmegaPro?

According to TelegraphIndia, Dilawar Singh is the co-founder of OmegaPro. Dilawar Singh is not a very unpopular name in the world of Forex trading and cryptocurrency vending.

Tbbob also reports that Mike Sims, an author, is also a co-founder of the Forex trading broker company.

Who owns OmegaPro?

OmegaPro was founded by Dilawar Singh and Mike Sims. So we can infer that these two are the owners of the investment service.

How do I register/open an OmegaPro account?

Opening an account with them isn’t too difficult. I would lead you through the process.

The following is a step-wise account of how you can open an OmegaPro trading account;

  • First, complete an account opening application form. You would be asked to provide some identity documents. Do not hesitate to do this if you are serious about opening an account.
  • Read through the terms and conditions. Proceed to submit only if you understand everything that is written there.
  • Wait for a notice from your broker. This notice would determine whether you have been accepted as a customer or not.

As you can see, it’s not really difficult to open a trading account.

Now, there are some things to note about opening a new account with them. Take a look at the next two questions and their answers. 

Is opening an OmegaPro trading account free?

Technically, it is not free. OmegaPro charges a one-time administrative fee of $29 USD.

If you didn’t understand the above, it means you would need to shell out 29 US Dollars in order to open a trading account as a new client.

Is OmegaPro open to all countries?

Again, the answer is no. OmegaPro is not open to all countries. If you are a resident of Afghanistan, Belize, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, the United States (shockingly included), South Sudan and the Islamic Republic of Iraq, you cannot open an account with them.

If you decide to break this regulation, OmegaPro reserves the right to permanently close your account once you are discovered. On permanent closure, getting a refund becomes near impossible.

OmegaPro packages in Nigeria

Here’s the different packages you can buy in Omegapro and their daily profit returns.

  1. Startup Trader: $100 package – $0.45 daily returns
  2. Basic Trader: $500 package – $2.25 daily returns
  3. Light Trader: $1,000 package – $4.50 daily returns
  4. Pro Trader: $3,000 package – $13.50 daily returns
  5. Advance Trader: $5,000 package – $22.50 daily returns
  6. Tycoon Trader: $8,000 package – $36 daily returns
  7. Premium Trader: $10,000 package – $45 daily returns
  8. Master Trader: $15,000 package – $67.50 daily returns
  9. Elite Trader: $25,000 package – $112.50 daily returns
  10. VIP Trader: $50,000 package – $225 daily returns

How do I fund your OmegaPro account?

There are several options available to you when it comes to funding your account on OmegaPro. You can fund your account through the following means;

  • Via MasterCard debit card
  • Via Visa debit card
  • And even via cryptocurrency.

How to withdraw from your OmegaPro account?

On OmegaPro, you need to hit or rather, have a minimum amount of 50 US Dollars on your account before you can request for withdrawal of your funds. You should also take into account the presence of a 5 percent withdrawal/ transfer fee.

You can withdraw your funds through any of the following means;

  • Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin and E.T.C)
  • Wire or Bank transfers
  • Unionpay (which is an online payment processor)

OmegaPro head office

It has no physical head office but apparently, there exists an office in Dubai. We shall discuss this in the next heading.

OmegaPro Dubai

OmegaPro apparently has an office in Dubai. According to, football legend, Ronaldinho visited the Dubai office and became an ambassador of the company.

Below is a picture taken from a YouTube video we found.

OmegaPro and Ronaldinho

Is OmegaPro legit or scam?

OmegaPro is NOT legit. It is an unregulated offshore broker. Also, although the trading broker claims to be functional in the UK, it is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

OmegaPro legit or Scam review

Wait that doesn’t sound so scammy to you? Well, it should. You see, the FCA is the financial regulating body in the United Kingdom and without a registration, you cannot and should not offer financial services.

Are you still in doubt about this conclusion of ours? Wait till you hear this. OmegaPro’s website does NOT have any corporate information!

What does that mean? It means there’s no person or organization you can hold responsible if you lose your investment(s).

Here’s another thing you should note. OmegaPro does not have a physical address. For such an organization that deals with investments and finances, there should be an address, don’t you think? Sounds like no one wants to be associated with this trading broker.

Another thing you need to note is that the organization is banned (yes, you heard that right) by Spanish financial authorities through the CNMV as they considers OmegaPro a possible fraudulent venture.

There are more red flags about OmegaPro than any website or organization this blog has reviewed up to this point. We strongly disapprove of any future interactions with it. Remember, we at ListAwe are here to help you make the right choice.

OmegaPro in conclusion is a SCAM! Please consider all that have been written so far about it and make a logical conclusion on its authenticity.

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