Two OGITECH students believed to be dead after attacks by indigenes last night

Last night will not be forgotten in an hurry by the current student of OGITECH. In case you don’t know what OGITECH is, give me a few moment to explain.

OGITECH is a state owned polytechnic whose name: Ogun State Institute of Technology have been abbreviated to the above. OGITECH is located in Igbesa, a town close to the Lagos-Ogun state border. OGITECH, previously known as Gateway Polytechnic had its name changed some years back after apparent confusion with another polytechnic in the same state.
Back to the story which forms our headline: OGITECH students were deliberately targeted by indigenes yesterday after one student, whose department and name I cannot confirm at the moment, stabbed an indigene to death. In retaliation, indigenes of Igbesa started launching attacks and began hacking students to death.
Below are screenshots of a message passed across by the Student Union Government (SUG) of the polytechnic:
In response, students started sending out distress status updates to their friends and fellow students. They were particularly warned by these students to stay away from Obanla area which was where most of the attacks were being orchestrated.
Here are some of the status updates:
A picture was shared on the student group and apparently it is that of the two dead students who lost their lives to the attack. It is believed that this number could be false as more students could have died from the coordinated attacks.
Below is the picture:
Check back in a minute or two as this blog post will be updated with the latest concerning the incident.
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