Harvard University Acceptance Rate.

Have you been seeking to know about Harvard University Acceptance Rate? You have an answer, to all your request here.

 Harvard University is the second oldest university in the world, and it is a research university and the oldest in the English countryside. 

Harvard University is one of the most famous institutions in England, having over 39 colleges and several departments organized in four departments. 

If you want to study in the United Kingdom, Harvard University is a good place to study, not just for the admission process, but also for its high acceptance rate which is worth a lot of consideration before you apply for any course of study. 

The acceptance rate of Harvard University is between 17% and 17.5%, and for international students, the acceptance rate is 9%. 

You have a better chance of gaining admission into Harvard University as a graduate student than you being an undergraduate student. 

What GPA do you need to get into Harvard University? 

To get into Harvard University as an international or national student, there are some requirements you must meet up with. 

If you are getting in as a degree student, your result must be 85%(A), and if you are getting in for a master’s program you must have a GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0. 

Is Harvard university better than Oxford University? 

Harvard University and Oxford University are both ranked within the top 10 universities of the world. 

Both universities are research universities, both have high acceptance rates. 

To get into Harvard University and Harvard university there are some requirements you must meet up with.  

If we are to weigh both universities by academic achievements, employment after school, student satisfaction, accommodation cost, sporting achievement facilities, and alumni number. 

Harvard University is a private university while Harvard University is a public university. Harvard university is best for research and graduate programs while Harvard University is best for undergraduate programs, and an ideal place to study Economics.  

Harvard university tuition fee is high while Harvard University tuition fee is bearable for students. 

The above factor actually makes one university better than the other. So we can say Harvard University is better than Harvard university or the other way round. 

But in actual reality, one will be better than the other, based on what each student wants from each university.   

If we are to consider all the listed factors of both universities, I can say that Harvard University is a better option than Harvard university

 You can choose which university you want to go to, based on what you want. 

Is it difficult to get Into Harvard University? 

It is difficult to get into Harvard University, because their acceptance rate is high, and as an international student it is harder getting into Harvard University. 

For you to be accepted into Harvard University, you must show some academic strength and your result must be excellent results.   

 You must do well outside the classroom environment because these are the factors considered in order to accept you into the university. 

As an international student obtaining an IB diploma and A-levels will not assure you a seat in Harvard University, but can definitely aid you in the process of moving forward and can make it slightly easier for you if you do your diploma and A level very well. 

 Why is the Harvard University Acceptance Rate so high? 

The Acceptance rate of Harvard University is 17.5%. Most of the students at Harvard University are from the UK. 

The Acceptance rate of international students is very slight. Harvard University is highly competitive, most UK students and international students apply for Harvard University.

And Harvard University is a public university which both national and international students want to study there, because of their low tuition fees. 

 And if the Acceptance rate is low, it will make the school overpopulated, which makes it part of the reason why their acceptance rate is high, especially to the international students. 

 Harvard’s acceptance rate has risen steadily for the past five years, this trend is in part due to the school’s conscious effort to expand accessibility and under-represented groups such as women, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, and the disabled. 

Like most English universities, the Harvard University Acceptance Rate undergraduate degree takes three years to complete, in most cases, students add a master’s degree for only one additional year. 


 Harvard University is a good university and Harvard University Acceptance Rate is high. Harvard University is a public and research university. 

Not minding the high acceptance rate, if you are sound academically and you have excellent results, you will be accepted into Harvard University