Scholarships In Jamaica For Nigerian Students

Have you been searching for Scholarships In Jamaica For Nigerian Students? You have all you need in this article to secure a scholarship opportunity in Jamaica!

Scholarship these days has become an escape route for many Nigerian students to elevate their careers in life and it has opened opportunities for less privileged and diligent students to showcase their abilities and gain knowledge in International higher institutions.

Being an international student in a country, especially Jamaica, is such a great blessing because it is full of different activities that can bring out the hidden potential in any student who chooses to study there.

According to Wikipedia, some universities in the United States of America are offering extension programs In various parts of Jamaica due to its educational standard. And most of them are working class and still studying without a clash.

Jamaica’s higher educational institutions have now made it easy and possible for commonwealth nation’s students to grab the scholarship scheme by offering degrees, Masters, postgraduates,  undergraduates, Ph.D. prospects who are interested.

Why Scholarships Are Available In Jamaica For Nigerian Students.

This scholarship is being Initiated by private Institutions and Government agencies in Jamaica.

  • The scholarship is being made available for Nigerian students to explore and have a great impact on the educational system in the world.
  • Jamaica’s scholarship scheme can serve as a means for Nigerian students to receive a working permit while studying in their country.
  • This scholarship is purposely for the students to be fully equipped with the world of technology and bring out the potential in them and bear fruits to all as a whole.
  • Some students who wish to meet new people, a new environment of study, Intellectual sets of students or have knowledge about Jamaica’s culture and practice then this is for me a golden opportunity and a dream come true.

Scholarships In Jamaica For Nigerian Students.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme.

The queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarship scheme is another opportunity for all commonwealth students who want to further their education. And this program is fully funded by the Queen organization.

Also, their goal is an international collaboration, it is meant for scholars to sharpen their future and the scheme aims to solve problems and challenges of its nation.

And it covers a two years master’s program for students who are willing to change their vicinity because it is a life-changing opportunity. Also, the scholarship allowance consists of return economy flight, living expenses, research support grant, full funded tuition fees, and one-off arrival allowance.

Higher Institution In Jamaica That Accepts Scholarship Students.

Here are the lists of Universities In Jamaica that allow foreign students to study and complete their scholarship offers.

The Mico University College.

Mico University College is a private institution located in Jamaica and it allows all Commonwealth nations students who are on scholarship programs to study at their institution.

And it is an offer that doesn’t need repayment and one thing about mico university colleges their scholarship is liable for renewal and a student under this program must obtain a minimum of 3.0 GP.

Also, it is a lifetime opportunity and the management has an interview for the students so that they can get to know him/her better and other vital information that is not covered during the application process.

For it to be a successful one the students have to be there on time, must be prepared, be truthful, must be professionally dressed, neat, and in an appropriate outfit. 

The University Of Technology Jamaica.

The University Of Technology is another higher Institution situated in Jamaica and they are also accepting students from outside the country too and most especially who are on scholarship schemes.

And for anyone who is under a scholarship program and a full-fledged student such a person must follow some steps and processes. It helps in such a way that in receiving their financial clearance.

And there is a saying that, where there is no law, there is no. So in this case one must adhere to the procedures and be proactive or else the scholarship offer will be fortified.

Northern Caribbean University.

Northern Caribbean also gives room for a scholarship and it takes place every year, it can be their alumni or other supporters of the institution.

The institution made it possible for a student who is eligible to work and study despite being on a scholarship. They always made it known to the public whenever their scholarship is open through advertised corporations agencies.

All American Institute Of Medical Science.

The American Institute of medical science is also private and accepts citizens from Commonwealth countries and students can apply for a scholarship and study at their own pace. They have their protocols in dealing with any student who applies for a scholarship.


According to Wikipedia, In the year 2009, the institution received its charter from the Jamaican, and students who graduated from this institution can go for the medical licensing examination in the united states of America. And despite being Jamaica it shows how prestigious it is for the recognition and accreditation from the US.

So if you are a medical student or aspiring to study in Jamaica, then this is the best Institution for you. It offers the best atmosphere and a conducive environment. And from March 01, 2019, till February 28, 2023, All  American Institute medical associate Degree In Health science is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.


There is no doubt that the Scholarships In Jamaica For Nigerian Students opportunity is a life-changing improvement and big-time availability for Nigerian students to seize it and make use of it. Many people have been thinking about studying and working at the same time. The future is now.

Have you been searching for or seeking the types of universities in Jamaica? Then, with enough procrastination, the time has come to put yourself out there and meet people of the same mind and change the environment.

Also, do not forget that irrespective of color it doesn’t stop you from reaching your goal so go for it and expect the best. Once you meet the need then you will be needed and qualified.