Is Legit – Honest Review

Is Legit – Honest Review, (also known as Bold is a platform for scholarships established in the year 2019. The concept behind’s platform is straightforward: organizations or non-profit organizations, as well as individuals, can design customized scholarship or fellowship opportunities for students.

The opportunities available are designed to support a range of highly-potential people with a wide range of interests, passions, and backgrounds. Students can benefit from the possibility of a stream of scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

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What is HTML0? How do you make help students?

One of the great things about is its simple design. Students can design their profile that tells their story. The students will have to answer questions about their interests, backgrounds, educational experience, academic achievements, and skills. After they have completed their profile, they’ll be able to apply for opportunities on the platform. offers students the option of a “common application” to apply to scholarships. This could help you save a lot of time.

When newly added scholarships appear in the database, you will get recommendations specific to your needs. keep reading to find out about Is Legit – Honest Review

What are the advantages of offers a highly user-friendly experience and features a contemporary, sleek layout. It is also important to note that Bold provides scholarships that aren’t available elsewhere. This means that all their scholarship opportunities are exclusive to the website.

Additionally, Bold has created a standard application for scholarships so that you can apply for the scholarship using the help of your Bold profile. Although some scholarships might have specific requirements for essays, you’ll save significant hours by making use of your Bold profile for the remaining part of the application.

What are the negatives of

The reality that does not match applicants with its scholarship is not a perfect weapon. On the other side, all scholarships are legitimate and verified. However, you won’t be match-ups with scholarships. The platform can be an effective tool to include in your toolkit for scholarship; however, it should not be your sole source of scholarship opportunities.

There are also “easy grants” on Bold’s website which don’t require essays. The scholarships might require applicants to sign up with services or take any other “action” (such as searching for student loan rates). Similar to other straightforward scholarships, there will be high competition for these awards because the application requirements are shallow. keep reading to find out about Is Legit – Honest Review

Commonly asked questions regarding

What kinds of scholarships are available offered on Bold? Bold platform?

The scholarships are extremely precise, an excellent option for students. There are scholarships for those who enjoy studying, scholarships for Native American students, and scholarships for students looking to major in philosophy.

In contrast to other scholarship programs, these opportunities will help a range of educational levels, from high school students to doctors!

Is legitimate?

This is among the most frequently asked questions regarding new websites for scholarships: is the legitimate or a scam? Fraud? actively works with every person and organization that offers scholarship opportunities on its platform; therefore, all the scholarship applications are thoroughly vetted. is also adamant that they will not divulge your information to third-party organizations or companies. Therefore, we’d claim that it’s legitimate.

We also appreciate that offers transparency on the selection process for scholarships. Here’s an example of transparency:

They are able to announce the winner publicly and the stage they’re at in the scholarship evaluation process.

keep reading to find out about Is Legit – Honest Review

Summary of is an interesting new entry into the field of scholarship. provides a fantastic user experience, and they have a wide selection of exclusive scholarships available on their website. While some of the scholarships have more broad “easy” or “no essay” scholarship opportunities, also features more specific scholarships for students with diverse career goals and demographic backgrounds and many other types of experiences.

Yes, is an excellent source for your scholarship search; however, in the final analysis, a very tiny portion of scholarships are available through the site. This is why having other scholarship resources and submitting an application for financial aid based on need by filling out FAFSA. FAFSA can be crucial.


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