13 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

13 Computer Science Internships for High School Students, Are you a whiz at programming? Are you looking to make a living in the field of computer science — cybersecurity, software development, or a different field? You’re in luck. We’ve collected a selection of the most popular computer science programs and internships for high school students since it’s never too late to begin preparing for a bright future.

13 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

Anson L. Clark Scholars Program In this intensive, seven-week research program, twelve juniors, and seniors will research a wide range of areas such as computer science in Texas Tech University with faculty. The scholars will receive accommodation and board, and upon the successful submission of their project report and a research report, they’ll earn an amount of $750 in stipends. In addition to their studies, students will be involved in seminars, activities, and field excursions.

  1. Military Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) High School Apprenticeship

The AEOP High School Apprenticeships allows students to spend the summer working on cutting-edge research at a university’s research lab or one among the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers. In addition to learning how to work with modern equipment and methods, experts guide studentss and be part of a network of peers who share the same interests and close-peer mentors.

Students also have access to the AEOP’s webinar series on STEM-related fields of study, careers, and more, as in workshops on college readiness and professional abilities. Apprentices are paid a stipend in exchange for their efforts.

  1. Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS)

CS4CS is a “barrier-breaking” intro to cybersecurity and computer science for students in high school. It is offered remotely during the summer. The opportunity is free for three weeks and is offered through NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. The aim is to inspire minorities and women, who are typically not represented in STEM, to be leaders in their fields.

The course includes both niche and broad topics from white-hat hacking and digital forensics to white-hat hacking. To be considered, you must be in the 9th-12th grade by September 2021 and live in one of the five boroughs in New York City or a nearby city (e.g., Jersey City, Newark, or Hempstead). Apply on or before April 12, 2021.

  1. Girls who Cod The Summer Immersion Program

The program is free and lasts for two weeks. For juniors, sophomores, and seniors. SIP offers the next generation of STEM professionals an opportunity to explore the area of computer science. Through this program, students (girls and non-binary people) across the globe will discover more about careers in tech and get to know like-minded people.

As well as participating in fun virtual projects, students are taught the most important computer science concepts and will practice in smaller groups.

  1. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

CSSI is an intensive four-week introduction to computer science designed for college students, specifically marginalized within the discipline. The program’s goal is to give participants an intensely engaging experience in computer science that will encourage them to pursue an engineering degree and help students develop their technical abilities and self-confidence. Participants will also be given an insider’s look at Google’s culture and environment.

Note: Because of an epidemic, CSSI has been declared online as of 2021.

  1. Institute for Advanced Learning and Researchs (IALR) Summer Internship Program

If you’re graduating in the coming year and intend to go to college in the fall of 2021, you’ll be able to participate in the IALR summer internship program.

This program aims to provide an experience of leadership training and education in STEM areas and includes eight possible projects, which include computing-related subjects like SMART Table 2.0 Controller Development and Information Technology. As a result of your participation, you’ll be awarded a stipend of $2925.

NOTE: Internships can be altered because of an outbreak.

  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) Summers High School Intern Program Research

NIST performs research in various physical and engineering science topics in the six NIST laboratories. Students can work in any of these labs:

  • Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL)
  • Engineering Laboratory (EL)
  • Information Technology Laboratory (ITL)
  • Material Measurement Laboratory (MML)
  • NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR)
  • Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)

Students can apply to the lab they are interested in. Find out more about the particular tasks and abilities that will allow you to excel as an intern. Click this link.

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  1. National Security Agency Student Programs

The NSA offers many opportunities for students, such as working as an intern and a scholarship. (Bear at heart that the Agency picks applicants to their programs up to a year ahead of time, which is why applicants should apply earlier for the best chance of acceptance.)

A notable possibility is worth mentioning is the Stokes Program, which is open to high school seniors, specifically students of minority backgrounds, who want to pursue a major in engineering in computer science or electrical/computer engineering. Your tuition and fees for college will be paid in full by up to $30k a year, and you’ll earn an all-year-round wage. In exchange, you’ll be required to be employed at the NSA for at the very least 1.5 times the duration of your studies upon graduating. The NSA must also employ participants during their summer break. To be eligible, participants must be able to meet minimum GPAs and test scores.

  1. Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) for Internship

A six-week program for academically-motivated for rising seniors, RISE allows students to conduct real research under the guidance of Boston University faculty, postdoctoral fellow, or graduate student mentor. There are many STEM tracks to choose from, which include computer science.

As well as participating in a research-related project, you’ll also present your research at a Poster Symposium (remote in 2021) and could be able to submit it to national competitions. Additionally, you’ll be able to attend weekly workshops that will provide you with the insights and the necessary skills to contribute to STEM. STEM community.

  1. Sandia Internships

Sandia is a great resource for students in high school up to the Ph.D. stage to work on difficult, real-world projects that affect the entire nation and the world. Interns are involved in projects, usually at technical institutes and in areas such as cyber-security, programming, and many more. As part of their work,, students receive guidance and can participate in social events.

Students will receive a payment for their efforts and could be awarded academic credit, in addition to training and working experience.13 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

  1. Simons Summer Research Program

Take part in hands-on research with supervision from faculty tutors. In this course, you’ll be taught laboratory techniques and tools, become part of a thriving researcher team, and gain college experience. In addition to their job,, apprentices are also required to attend weekly faculty lectures and participate in activities. At the end of the program, the apprentices write their abstracts in writing and a research poster.

The apprenticeship is available to high school seniors and runs from June 18 to August 9, 2021. It will be in the form of a remote in 2021.

  1. Spark Summer Internship Program

Through Spark SIP, high school students will have the opportunity to interact with experts from the industry and educators and mentors in areas such as computer science. Students are mentored by the industry’s top experts when researching in real-world settings.

Interns must work 30-40 hours per week over 8-12 weeks throughout the summer.

  1. Syracuse University ( SU ) Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) Researched Internship

Students entering the 12th grade who live in the Greater Syracuse area are eligible for this six-week internship program. In it, you’ll be part of an undergraduate research project being in a cutting-edge research facility and receive guidance from SU faculty members, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

Apart from The College of Engineering and Computer Science, This program exposes students to STEM career options. They also have the opportunity to participate in informational lunches and activities that will make it easier for them to shift from college to high school and present their work in an exhibition symposium. Successful interns will also be offered the benefit of an allowance.


The free program, which runs for ten weeks, is available to 10th and 11th-grade students enrolled at New York City high schools. It focuses on web development. Students

experts teach students in technology from various businesses in the city. Students create portfolios of their work and take part in professional opportunities offered by local businesses.


How Much Do Internships Affect Your College Opportunities?

Extracurricular activities are separated into four different levels. Tier 1 represents the most extraordinary and uncommon extracurriculars, with the fourth tier is the most popular activities admissions committees look at.

If you’re applying to highly selective schools, we suggest that you have at least a few Tier 1 and 2 activities to distinguish yourself from others who are applying. Internships differ in terms of quality and rigor. However, the most prestigious national programs are classified as tier 1 and 2.13 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

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