Find Physical Therapy Jobs

Physical therapy positions are in high demand across various work environments, providing a wide array of options for physical therapists. Some common work settings include hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, home health services, sports medicine clinics, occupational health clinics, and wellness centers.

Within the field, physical therapists specialize in various areas, influencing their choice of workplace. For instance, those specialized in pediatrics often work in children’s hospitals or rehabilitation centers, while those focusing on sports medicine usually practice in sports medicine clinics.

These professionals offer diverse services such as evaluating patients’ conditions, devising treatment plans, administering therapeutic exercises, and educating patients on managing their conditions. Their patients typically encompass individuals with injuries, pain, disabilities, or movement-related conditions.

A career in physical therapy can be fulfilling, allowing therapists to significantly impact their patients’ lives. Key attributes necessary for success in this field include effective communication, compassion, patience, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and physical endurance.

Aspiring physical therapists need to pursue a degree in physical therapy from an accredited program and pass a national licensing exam to enter the profession. The profession offers competitive salaries, and the job outlook is promising. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 28% employment growth for physical therapists from 2020 to 2030, exceeding the average growth rate across all occupations.

For individuals seeking a challenging and gratifying healthcare profession, a career in physical therapy presents a promising choice.