10 Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada

Single moms often have to work hard to support their families. In many cases, they might be the sole breadwinners and have to juggle everything on their own, which can be incredibly difficult.

However, there are jobs that are specifically designed to be suitable for mothers with children, so you can still support your family without sacrificing your own needs and well-being. Here are 10 Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

1) Registered nurses

$68,300-$97,200 per year (average: $82,100). A Registered Nurse (RN) has an Associate Degree or Diploma and is registered with a regulatory body. 

These health care professionals are responsible for providing nursing care to patients, implementing medical treatment plans, and educating patients about their condition. 

You’ll be able to pursue your own unique career path by choosing from different areas of specialization such as acute care, pediatrics, or family medicine. 


There are also opportunities for RNs to specialize in critical care, emergency room work or surgery. The average annual salary of a Registered Nurse is $82,100. However, salaries can vary greatly depending on location, years of experience, and type of employer.  Licensed Practical Nurses: $40,000-$60,000 per year (average: $52,600). 


Licensed Practical Nurses have completed two years of college training and have obtained licensure through one of several provincial governing bodies. 


They provide basic bedside care under the supervision of Registered Nurses. LPNs earn around $52,600 annually but can expect to earn less if they choose to work in rural areas. This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

2) Executive Assistants

According to PayScale, Executive Assistants earn an average of $43,000 annually. 

This salary can climb as high as $78,000 depending on education and experience level. 

Entry-level positions tend to offer a starting wage between $25 and $30 hourly. 

The highest-paid executive assistants make more than $60 per hour. Top earners typically work for financial services companies or law firms. 

It’s important to note that these figures are averages; actual salaries will vary greatly based on location, industry, and years of experience. 

When applying for a position, don’t forget to include your salary requirements with your resume. When asked about salary expectations, always provide an ideal range rather than a specific figure. 

A hiring manager may not be able to meet your ideal amount but you still want them to know where you stand so they don’t get confused when you ask them if they could meet it during negotiations. 

Never give too much information away right off the bat; let them ask questions first! This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

3) Radiologic technologists

The mean salary for radiologic technologists is $55,140 per year. 

These professionals work with people who have diseases and conditions that can be diagnosed with imaging, such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. 

They operate diagnostic imaging equipment as part of their job duties. Because of their experience and expertise, many radiologic technologists are able to move into supervisory positions after a few years in their careers. 

Many radiologic technologists work at hospitals or clinics, but some also find jobs at private practices or other healthcare facilities. 

Radiologic technologists must complete an associate’s degree program before they begin working on their own. After they finish school, they must pass certification exams administered by state licensing boards before they can start practicing independently. 

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Those interested in becoming radiologic technologists should take courses in biology and chemistry while completing their degrees so that they will be well prepared for these exams.

4) Marketing Specialists

In a recent study by Job Bank, marketing specialists topped their list of best well-paying jobs for single moms. This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 


Although salary information can vary greatly depending on experience and location, marketing specialists usually earn at least $50,000 per year. 

As a bonus, most employers offer a flexible schedule and working from home arrangements to accommodate mothers.  

Additionally, most marketing specialists are able to develop their own hours, giving them more control over their time. (via CareerRookie)

5) Special Education Teachers

This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

The special education teacher is responsible for creating lesson plans that meet a student’s special needs and abilities. 

They often work one-on-one with students who have behavioral or academic problems to help them gain social skills and improve their grades. These instructors make an average salary of $68,966 per year.  

Many are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and then complete additional coursework specific to teaching children with disabilities. 

Those without formal training may need certification through the provincial school board. Teaching credentials are also required by many employers. A job as a special education teacher can be very rewarding—the job tends to attract people who enjoy working directly with children on a one-on-one basis.

6) Physical Therapists

The median salary is $79,904. They may be considered a luxury service but physical therapists work with people who need help recovering from injuries or disabilities. 

As a result, if you love helping others and are interested in rehabilitation, physical therapy may be a good option for you. 

It’s important to note that not all provinces require physical therapists to hold bachelor’s degrees (BPT) so you can work as an entry-level technician while earning a degree at night or online through distance education programs. This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

7) Technical Writers

As we all know, technology is constantly evolving and being updated. This means there will always be new technology to learn and new terms that are created to describe it. 

A technical writer’s job is to bridge that gap between techspeak and user language by translating technical information into simple, easy-to-understand language. Technical writers must also create tutorials and other helpful materials for users of any product so they don’t have to go searching for answers.

8) Human resources specialist

HR specialists are responsible for finding, hiring, and training employees, as well as setting up payroll.

These professionals earn an average of $68,000 per year. This job would appeal to a single mom because it would allow her to work flexible hours – including from home – so she could care for her children when they need her most.

She may also choose to bring her kids to work with her if they are old enough.

9) Computer systems analysts

In 2010, women made up 43.3 percent of computer systems analysts, a well-paying position that pays an average $82,240. To advance to a managerial level in computer analysis, one needs at least a bachelor’s degree; many people earn their master’s while they work. 

In addition to strong math skills and analytical background, candidates need at least two years of experience with computing concepts and databases. Those looking to specialize will find even better opportunities and higher salaries.

10) Financial auditors

In 2011, financial auditors earned a median salary of $60,000 annually, according to CareerOneStop.  This is one of the Well Paying Jobs for Single Moms in Canada. 

This was more than many entry-level jobs offered to women with school degrees. The top 10 percent earned $108,200 or more per year. These well-paying careers are available across Canada at accounting firms and government offices and at hospitals and universities.