The Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is full of beautiful sights and sounds, as well as many opportunities to get involved in the local community and explore what makes this country such a fascinating place to call home.  If you have been seeking for Ways to Immigrate to Canada, you are covered in this content.


For many, immigrating to Canada may seem like an impossible task, but that’s only because you haven’t heard about the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. When you learn how simple it can be to move your life north of the border, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before!

Express Entry Program

Express Entry, otherwise known as Canada’s skilled immigration program, is designed to help professionals gain entry into Canada. It’s a point-based system that weighs your education and work experience, in addition to various other factors such as language proficiency and age. 


The threshold for points varies from one applicant to another; however, most applicants are required to score at least 67 points on their first try in order to receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. 


For example, if you have a master’s degree or PhD from an accredited university outside of Canada, you may be eligible for 50 additional points on top of your base score. On average, it takes between 6 months and 2 years to obtain an ITA through Express Entry. Once you’ve received an ITA, you can apply for permanent residency. Keep in mind that Express Entry doesn’t guarantee you entry into Canada—there are still requirements to meet after obtaining your ITA. 


You must also pass certain medical exams, show proof of funds (for living expenses), and obtain official police certificates for each country where you’ve lived during the past 10 years. This makes it one of the Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Family Class Sponsorship

Although it is extremely difficult for most individuals from outside of North America and Europe to immigrate to Canada, you can still apply for permanent residency in family class sponsorship by: 


  • Being related by blood or marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; 


  • Forming a common-law relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; or 


  • Having parents who are citizens or permanent residents. If you have relatives living in Canada who would like to sponsor your immigration, they will need to complete an application package on your behalf. 

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This process can take up to several years and includes numerous steps, including medical examinations and security clearances. If your relatives do not meet certain criteria—for example, if they earn less than $25,000 per year—they may be eligible for financial assistance through provincial programs that help cover immigration costs. This makes it one of the Ways to Immigrate to Canada

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

PNP Canada is a Canadian immigration program that allows provinces and territories to nominate candidates they want to invite into their jurisdictions. 


This means you can get a permanent resident visa without having to worry about whether or not you’ll receive enough points for Express Entry, because your province will do all of that work for you. 


In order to qualify for these programs, you must have an offer of full-time employment from a Canadian employer in your field (or be self-employed). Your spouse and children may also be able to immigrate with you. This makes it one of the Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Canadian Investor Immigration

Invest $800,000 CAD ($700,000 USD) in a Canadian business or real estate and become a permanent resident of Canada. 


This route is open for business people who are willing to make an investment of 800,000 CAD ($700,000 USD) in a business in Canada or real estate. 


You will have four years (eight years if investing in Atlantic provinces) to make your first investment. 


The minimum amount you can invest is 200,000 CAD ($170,000 USD). The maximum amount that you can invest depends on your net worth and family status. The minimum net worth required is 2 million CAD ($1.7 million USD). 


The maximum net worth required varies depending on whether you’re single or married with dependents; as well as where you live in Canada. This makes it one of the Ways to Immigrate to Canada

How do I qualify?

There are three ways for foreign nationals to qualify for Canadian immigration: Express Entry, The Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Provincial Nominee Programs. There are five provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec) that offer various Provincial Nominee Programs. 


In order to qualify under any of these programs, you must have at least one year of full-time work experience in an occupation listed by CIC as being in demand in your home country. If you don’t have a job offer from a Canadian employer or if you’re not able to secure permanent residency through one of these routes, there is still hope! 

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

CEC allows skilled workers who have experience in certain fields of work to apply for permanent residence status in Canada if they meet certain criteria outlined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 


There are two main categories under which applicants can qualify: temporary foreign workers or international students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution with at least 12 months of full-time paid work experience in their field after graduation…and it’s super simple! This makes it one of the Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Who Processes Canada Visa Applications?

One of Canada’s agencies that processes visa applications is Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 


The process for obtaining a visa differs depending on your country of origin. 


For example, if you are applying from Mexico, then your visa will be processed through a Canadian Visa Office located in Mexico City. If you are applying from France, then your application will be processed by Canadian authorities in Paris or Marseille. 


No matter where you apply, however, all applicants must follow a similar set of steps: they must first submit an online profile and they must also pay their application fee. Once these two steps have been completed, applicants can begin preparing their documents for submission to CIC.