York University Scholarships For International Students

Will you like to learn about how you can apply for York University Scholarships? We have gotten you covered with all you needed to know in this article.

York University was founded in 1959 in Canada, and has a  scholarship program institution that you can apply for that will qualify you to study in the university on a scholarship basis. 

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About York University


Founded in 1959, the university incorporates 11 faculties which include

  • Faculty of Science, 
  • School of Engineering, 
  • Schulich School of Business, 
  • Osgoode Hall Law School, 
  • Glendon College, 
  • Faculty of Education, 
  • Faculty of Health, 
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

However, most of the applicants who are mostly considered for the scholarship, have their first language as English, otherwise, you will be required to prove it, via a professional test.

York University Scholarships Coverage


Curious about what the scholarship covers? It covers your academic tuition fee for two years, and the scholarship is valued at $140,000. This indicates that, once you qualify for the scholarship, you will be given $35,000 per year. 

York University Scholarships Criteria


There are always criteria for every application. To apply for York University Scholarship, you need to ensure you have met all the eligibility criteria. 

To make sure your application is a successful one, we’ve outlined the criteria for the York University Scholarship, in this article. 

Required Language: Among the first eligibility criteria for this scholarship opportunity, is for you to be able to meet the eligibility criteria. 

The required language for the scholarship is English, and you must be able to prove it unless you are from an English-speaking country. 

Eligible Countries: Is every country eligible for this scholarship opportunity? Yes. The scholarship is made available for all world countries. 

Minimum Grade: A minimum of 7.8 CGPA is required. 

Must-Have Been Admitted: You will get considered for the scholarship when you have applied for a scholarship at York University. 

Scholarship Application Process. 


If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, kindly follow the below application process. 

Apply For Bachelor’s Admission: The first step in applying for the scholarship is applying for a bachelor’s admission at York University. 

To apply for the bachelor’s admission, kindly follow this link, you will get further details necessary for you to complete the application. 

Complete the Online application form: Once you have applied for the bachelor’s admission, you will have to complete the online form to validate your scholarship details. 

Submit documents: After all that has been done, presenting the required documents is the next step for you to take. 

The documents which you will have to present include. 

  • Transcripts 
  • Reference letter 
  • Certificate
  • Language proficiency
  • Resume 
  • Personal statement. 

Submit Your Application


Following all the above outlines are crucial to your application processes, hence it’s Germane to ensure all the processes are adequately followed before you submit your application. Your application submission will be done online, and incomplete documents/applications will be automatically declined by the system. 

What You Should Know

There is no guarantee on your scholarship application, nevertheless, ensure you do all you can to meet all the requirements for the scholarship. 

Language Requirements and academic performance are two major things which you should focus on. 


The above guide walks you through how you can apply for York University Scholarships. Do you have more questions or clarifications you will like to make about this scholarship? kindly let’s know in the comment box.