Scholarship In Russia For African Students.

Do you have a passion for school in Russia, and you have been searching for Scholarship In Russia For African Students? This article contains the list of scholarships in Russia for African students!

Russia is well known for giving out scholarships for international students and it has a great number of universities throughout the country.

And the program has been made for all African countries to partake in it. It doesn’t matter your race, once you are the desired student who wants to study at the university of your choice based in Russia then this opportunity is for you.

Have you ever thought a country like Russia can never allow Africans to participate in their scholarships scheme? In this article, I will clear your doubt and show you different types of organizations that Invested and give the chance for Africans to be part of it.

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Scholarship In Russia For African Students Scheme 

Here are the lists of scholarships made available In Russian for African students to study.

  1. Advanced Russian language And Area Studies Program.

This is a scholarship scheme that is available for both undergraduate and graduate and those who desire to be working while schooling. The scholarship offers a different kind of program: weekly excursions, going on a trip to another region in Russia, homestay, and having a conventional partner.

Also, the program is all about those who found interest in learning the language studies and or want to have solid knowledge about it. And it has a culture for the students and visitation to churches, art galleries, and participates in other activities.

And if you have been wishing to learn a language or your area of study then this is an opportunity to learn about the Russian accent.

2. Russian Government Scholarship For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Program.

The Scholarship In Russia For African Students for undergraduate and postgraduate is also another scheme established for every other foreign country.

Once you can have a successful uniform state exam or pass entrance exams. It was recorded as one of the highest programs in the world and the organization accepted over 15,000 applicants every year from different countries and gives a wider opportunity than ever thought.

And, it comes with benefits for every individual, such as a free house to stay in, all tuition fees will be paid, and each student will also be collecting a monthly allowance. Also, a good year to learn the Russian language before they will proceed with learning their chosen choice of study.

Also, their application process is straightforward, once you fill out the application for the grant. It must be attached with a photograph and with photocopies of the passport. And those who want to go for their master’s degree must come with a copy of their graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree certification.

Whoever wants to go for a Ph.D. must also come alongside his/her master certifications details and medical certificate about HIV or be easily contacted with the disease test conducted in Russia.


The program is In collaboration with the ministry of higher institutions and the Russian ministry of foreign Affairs to make it possible.

3. MIPT International Student Awards In Russia.

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a scholarship program for all African students and other countries to complete their education in the county.

The institution was established In the year 1946 as a non-profit organization private school and their admission rates are rated from 40% to 50% due to their accommodation and acceptance of International students.

According to, the World Global Ranking Moscow Institute Of Physics is among the top-notch Russian Institution In existence because it has the capacity of solving scientific and technical issues.

And the program is meant for outstanding students who have proven their academic performance. It is a kind of competitive scholarship and every expense will be paid for every student that meets the criteria.

Also, any students studying in this Institution will never have any regret but rather came out In flying colors because they are very practical and stick to the curriculum and their major focus is science.

It offers Bachelor’s Degree, master’s, Ph.D., and their language requirements are that the students must B2 in any Examination like TOEFL( Test Of Foreign Language)IELTS(International English Language Testing System), and PTE(Pearson Test Of English).

4. HSE Global Scholarship Competition In Russia.

This is a fully paid globally scholarship competition In Russia and the participation is free of charge. Their goal is to help promising students achieve their dreams in life through the scholarship program.

So African countries are selected among the eligibility to take part and the applicable age is those who are under 40 years anything about it is not eligible for.

And their application process is very simple and you must adhere to it. Firstly, take the online exam and must be a bachelor’s holder, conduct a medical test with a passport size photo and a copy of the passport.

Also, their language requirement is a 5.0 score In the International English Language testing system.

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4. IETA UN Guarantee Admissions Visa Program For African Students.

This organization formed a partnership with the UN and all universities that are situated in European countries and most especially Russia for All Africans to have the opportunity to study and work there.

Also, IETA came into existence In the year 1999 June as a non-profit organization in helping the economy and providing solutions to climate problems. And had taken their role in liberating the world by taking part in a scholarship program

And their tuition fees, for Scholarship In Russia For African Students will be paid once they arrive in the country and the program is basically for those who wish to do their master’s program.


As listed above those scholarships In Russia For African Studentsprograms are being set up for the benefit of all African students who aspire and perspire to study In Russia Higher Institutions.

The schemes came into action in taking Africans to have new experiences about world-recognized universities and making the world go around in the exploitation and growth of the students. So the door had been opened for all African students to dwell In.