Becky Lemme Smash: What is the origin of this meme?

The Becky Lemme Smash/ Lemme Smash Meme has been a source of laughter for many internet users in recent times. Have you ever wondered what exactly brought about the meme and why it is so funny? Well, the answers to your questions lie in this article.

Becky lemme smash

The Becky Lemme Smash Meme is the product of a popular video on YouTube. The video which you can watch below was uploaded in 2017.  The video is a text-to-speech parody which focuses on a male bird who is trying to mate.

Becky Lemme Smash original video

Lemme Smash is a phrase used to indicate willingness to have sex. In the video, the bird is shown repeatedly saying “lemme smash, lemme smash”. In real life, the phrase when said to someone means that the person who says it wants to have sex with the person to whom the phrase is addressed. Urban dictionary reviewed the phrase and gave it a befitting meaning.

The Video

The parody video was created by a YouTube user named Incept. The video involved an animal documentary owned by British Broadcasting Corporation. It quickly became an internet sensation, as it was shared numerous times by social media users in online platforms, most especially Facebook.

However, the video was soon taken down for copyright reasons by BBC. The video had million of views before it was taken down. You can still watch the video however, as Incept either did a remake or uploaded the same video after BBC became considerate.

The birds in the video

Like previously stated, the video involves a documentary about a male bird trying to mate. But before we talk about the plot of the funny video, let us know the characters of the video.

The birds in the viral video are satin bowerbirds. The original BBC documentary which focused on the mating rituals of the satin bowerbirds was the focus of the video uploaded by Incept. Female bowerbirds, like many female animals pick their mate on the basis of elaborate displays or traits exhibited by the male bowerbirds.

In satin bowerbirds, the male builds a structure made up of sticks. This structure, called a bower, is the secret behind their name. The bower is a structure that comes in many shapes but the general design involves two walls and an alley in between. Below is an image of a bower;

A bower

The plot of the meme

At the beginning of the video, Ron, a male satin bowerbird is shown with an unnamed female bird. The female bird is examining Ron’s bower to determine its quality. Let me take a moment to explain this. Female satin bowerbirds will often mate with a male whose bower is not just properly constructed but beautifully decorated too. The bower is often adorn with shiny human trash as seen in the picture of the bower above.

A male satin bowerbird holding a blue piece of plastic

The unnamed female satin bowerbird flies away and Ron rues his luck. In real life, the female bird is just trying to check out the bowers of other male birds in the area.

Ron is later shown showing off his tail. He worries about the size of it as body size is one of the many mating criteria in the bird world.

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In another part of the video, Ron is seen picking yellow leaves and blue plastic. These two things are important part of the decorations for a male satin bowerbird’s bower. The more beautiful the bower is, the more likely for Ron to smash a female bird. 

The unnamed female bird tells Ron to go and smash Becky. Becky is probably another female bowerbird who Ron have previously smashed. Ron used to smash Becky but according to the video, Becky has a new male bird whose name is Ben.

A male satin bowerbird with a plastic spoons found in the trash

In order to boost his chances of smashing Becky, Ron destroys Ben’s bower. This is sabotage and is done by male Satin bowerbirds and possibly other birds too.

Here are the lyrics wordings of the Becky Lemme Smash video;
This is a nice stick
I like sticks (peck peck)

Lemme Smash, please

No Ron, go find Becky

You want some fuk?

No Ron, I don’t want some fuk.

I got you blue.
Hey gurl, you want some tail? (flick)

Ron, your tail is small.

Wot? Swiggity Swooty?
You want yellow?
She doesn’t want yellow.
Blue and yellow? No…

Ron I’m leaving.

Wot? No wait lemme smash!
What has my life come to?
Becky thought my tail was big
Becky used to Lemme Smash
but Becky is smashing Ben. Ben is a hoe. (heck)

Fuck this nest, fuck Ben!
I need you Becky
Becky lemme smash!
Ima get that bitch a stick
bitches love sticks
wrong stick
stick (x13)
Need stick got stick
Becky I got stick!
Lemme Smash!

This is the origin of the Becky Lemme Smash meme. Please leave a comment if you like this blog post. Don’t forget to share.

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