VA Home Loans In Texas

Home loans tailored for eligible veterans and their families in Texas offer various benefits compared to conventional mortgages. 

These advantages include:

  • No upfront payment is needed
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Absence of mortgage insurance premiums (PMI)
  • Possibility to assume existing VA loans without closing costs

This guide aims to provide comprehensive information about VA home loans and the application process for veterans or active-duty military personnel interested in purchasing a home in Texas.

Understanding VA Home Loans

VA home loans receive backing from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This backing means the VA guarantees a part of the loan, decreasing the risk for lenders and enabling them to provide more favorable terms to veterans.

Eligibility for VA home loans extends to qualifying veterans, active-duty military personnel, and specific National Guard and Reserve members. To qualify, individuals must have served at least one day of active duty during a qualifying period and received an honorable or general under honorable discharge.

Advantages of VA Home Loans

VA home loans offer various advantages over standard mortgages:

No down payment necessary: Unlike conventional mortgages, VA home loans don’t require an initial payment, making homeownership more accessible for veterans.

Lower interest rates: Typically, VA home loans come with lower interest rates than conventional mortgages, resulting in savings on monthly mortgage payments.

No mortgage insurance premiums (PMI): VA home loans exempt borrowers from PMI, which can lead to additional savings of 1-2% on monthly mortgage payments.

Assumption of existing VA loans without closing costs: Buying a home from a current VA homeowner might allow the assumption of their VA loan with no associated closing costs, saving thousands of dollars.

Eligibility Criteria for VA Home Loans

Eligibility requirements for a VA home loan include:

  1. Veteran, active-duty military service member, or National Guard or Reserve member status.
  2. At least one day of active-duty service during a qualifying period.
  3. An honorable or general under honorable discharge.
  4. Possession of a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
  5. Meeting specific credit and income criteria.

Application Process for a VA Home Loan

To apply for a VA home loan, the following steps are necessary:

Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA.

Find a VA-approved lender.

Complete a loan application.

Provide documentation of income, assets, and liabilities.

Steps in the VA Home Loan Process

The VA home loan process usually spans 30-60 days and involves these key steps:

1. Pre-approval for a VA loan: To understand the borrowing capacity.

2. Home selection: Ensuring the chosen home meets VA property requirements.

3. Making an offer: Including a VA contingency clause.

4. VA appraisal: Assessing the home’s value.

5. Closing on the loan: Finalizing the home purchase.

VA Home Loan Resources

Several resources can assist in understanding VA home loans, such as:

– The Texas Veterans Land Board

– The Texas Veterans Commission

– The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


For eligible veterans and their families seeking to buy a home in Texas, VA home loans present an attractive option. These loans provide advantages like no upfront payment, lower interest rates, and exemption from PMI. If you’re a veteran, exploring more about VA home loans and your eligibility is highly recommended.