How To Move To Canada With Your Family

Moving to Canada with your family is a significant life choice, but it can be a gratifying one. Canada is a splendid and multifaceted nation, offering its residents a robust economy, exceptional quality of life, and outstanding education and healthcare systems.

If you are contemplating the move to Canada with your family, this comprehensive guide will assist you in embarking on this journey:

Choose the right immigration program

Canada offers diverse immigration programs, and the most suitable one for your family hinges on your specific circumstances and qualifications. Some of the commonly chosen immigration routes for families encompass:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): Tailored for skilled workers with at least one year of experience in a skilled occupation, contingent on meeting language proficiency and educational prerequisites.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): Designed for skilled workers with at least one year of work experience in Canada within a skilled occupation.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Administered by individual provinces and territories, these programs extend various immigration pathways for families.

To gain a deeper understanding of the available immigration programs and pinpoint the one aligning with your circumstances, you can explore the website of Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department.

Gather the required documentation. 

After selecting an immigration program, you must gather the required documentation. These documents will vary depending on your chosen program, typically encompassing items like your passport, birth certificate, educational transcripts, and work experience letters.

An inventory of the necessary documentation for each immigration program is available on the IRCC website.

Submit your application

Upon accumulating the requisite documentation, you can submit your immigration application online or via mail. The IRCC will scrutinize your application to determine your eligibility. If your application garners approval, you will be granted an immigrant visa.

Ready for Your Relocation

Following the receipt of your immigrant visa, preparations for your relocation to Canada can commence. This encompasses selling your residence, packing your belongings, and booking flights. Familiarizing yourself and your family with Canadian culture and customs beforehand can facilitate a smoother transition into your new life in Canada.

Arriving in Canada

Upon arriving in Canada, you must complete the landing process. This involves meeting with a Canadian immigration officer and verifying your identity and eligibility for immigration.

 Upon completion of the landing process, you and your family will officially become permanent residents of Canada.

Additional information for families

Here are additional details beneficial to families relocating to Canada:

Education: Canada boasts a top-tier education system. Canadian children must attend school from ages 6 to 16, although most extend their education through high school and university.

Healthcare: Canada operates a universal healthcare system, ensuring all permanent residents can access free or low-cost healthcare.

Family Benefits: The Canadian government extends an array of family benefits, encompassing the Canada Child Benefit and the Universal Child Care Benefit, assisting families with the expenses of raising children in Canada.


Emigrating to Canada with your family is a significant life-altering decision that offers great rewards. Canada, with its natural beauty and diverse culture, provides a strong economy, exceptional quality of life, and access to top-tier education and healthcare systems.

Should you be contemplating a move to Canada with your family, I recommend diligent research and consultation with an immigration consultant to secure personalized guidance.