10 Great Jobs in Canada That Don’t Require a Work Permit

Before you make the decision to immigrate to Canada, it’s important to understand the requirements of your prospective job and determine whether or not you’ll need a work permit. 

While some occupations may require more than others, there are plenty of jobs that do not require one at all. 

Here are 10 examples of these jobs in Canada that don’t require a work permit and what you can expect to make in each field.


10 Great Jobs in Canada That Don't Require a Work Permit

For Canadians who would like to make some money working from home, becoming a caregiver may be ideal. Caregivers care for elderly or disabled people by providing housekeeping, meal preparation, and dressing. 

If you are interested in caring for others and making an impact on their lives while working from home as an independent contractor, then you should become a caregiver. 

With all the recent changes in healthcare laws and provincial regulations around licensing of private-duty caregivers, it is essential that you know what requirements will be necessary before entering this career path. Check out the website of HomeCareMax to learn more about this opportunity.


10 Great Jobs in Canada That Don't Require a Work Permit

If you have some spare time and are looking for an exciting job, consider being a mover. Moving is one of those chores that not many people enjoy, so if you like to move, why not make some money doing it? Lots of companies require movers for local and long-distance moves and offer great opportunities for earning extra cash. 

Check with your city or province about moving permits if you plan on making moving your full-time gig. For example, in British Columbia, the company must hold a licence issued by the director of the consumer services division. 

All movers must carry their licence at all times while performing work as well as provide their licence number when asked by clients.


Many homeowners hire a handyman or woman to do smaller jobs around their house. Doing these jobs in Canada requires a work permit only if you will earn money from your employer. 

Handymen/women can often find work as part of another larger contract with a business (such as painting a store in exchange for repairs on its bathroom). 

These kinds of jobs do not require a work permit. However, any other kind of employment does require one. 

As an example, the handyman who installs windows at a hardware store is installing goods that the hardware store is selling and so this job requires a work permit. 

The best way to find out if a specific job would require a work permit is to ask before accepting it. You may also want to contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before going ahead with your plans.

Business Visitor

10 Great Jobs in Canada That Don't Require a Work Permit

The Work Permit is a program that requires foreign workers to apply for a permit to work in Canada. If you are interested in doing business in Canada and will spend less than six months working for an employer, you may be eligible for a Business Visitor Visa (BV). 

A BV does not permit you to work, but it does allow you to do research or training activities, attend meetings with customers and conduct short-term sales presentations. 

You should plan on being out of the country for at least two days each week during your stay in Canada. 

This visa can also be used by individuals who want to explore opportunities as self-employed individuals such as starting up a small business in Canada. In this case, the individual would have no employees other than themselves and their spouse or common-law partner if they have one.

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A teacher’s permit is not required to teach at an elementary or secondary school. However, to teach at any other educational institution, you will need to have both a valid work permit and a teaching permit. 

You can find information on how to apply for your work and teaching permits through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) website. 

If you are planning on working as an English language instructor or French as a second language (FSL) instructor, be sure that your school is listed with IRCC first.

Professional Ski Instructor

There are many jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit; a professional ski instructor is one of them. 

While many people think that they have to be Canadian citizens to teach skiing, in reality, you only need a work permit if you’re going to be working in Banff National Park and want to live there. 

There are also a few other requirements such as requiring references from employers and having insurance coverage. Keep in mind though that these permits are specific to Banff National Park, so make sure you know where the job is before applying.


Writers work as freelancers or staff writers, but in both cases, they are paid by the word. Freelance copywriters can also promote themselves to management positions within their company. 

The pay for a copywriter is about $32,600 per year on average in Canada—but the field does not require a work permit. Copywriting jobs are ideal for people who enjoy writing and want to make a living from it.


Carpenters work in all sorts of settings, including residential construction and office buildings. To qualify for a job as a carpenter, you will need to have both training and certifications. 

You can take courses at community colleges or trade schools that teach skills like using power tools, installing windows and more. 

Before you get started on your first job, you will likely be required to obtain an occupation credential in carpentry from a province-specific agency or association. 

These agencies usually require applicants to complete a written exam and hands-on test before being given the certificate.

Project Manager

If you are in a profession that requires a work permit, and it is difficult to obtain one, then you can still move to Canada and get a job in the project management field. 

This is a position that involves planning for and completing projects of varying sizes. It often includes elements of research and development, as well as coordination. 

A project manager typically works with people from many different disciplines including design or marketing.

Computer Programmer

There is a high demand for computer programmers in many industries, from banking to media companies. A Computer Programmer requires a bachelor’s degree and certification for work in the field. The median salary of a Computer Programmer is around $72,000 CAD per year. 

Most employers require several years of experience before hiring a person for the position. Since computers are becoming more prevalent in the workplace, it is unlikely that Canadian jobs will be outsourced to other countries with cheaper labour costs.