”You should attempt it, it is wonderful”- Writer Ayo Sogunro reacts to man who blamed him for being gay

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Essayist Ayo Sogunro reacted to a Nigerian man who blamed him for being gay.

It began when Ayo on his Twitter handle, referenced that Nigerians will join to censure eccentric individuals than denounce government authorities. He composed;

”I woke up thinking about this once more. Nigerians will join to censure an eccentric individual basically for being strange than join to denounce an affirmed psychological oppressor supporter who has been embroiled in a homicide.

Not the most noticeably terrible homophobes and transphobes unexpectedly imagining Nigerians are joined allies of the LGBT people group. The jokes keep in touch with themselves on this application.

Since many are presently unexpectedly absent minded: LGBT individuals attempted to make a noticeable remain during End SARS, Nigerians stood up to. A man went to Abuja on hunger strike against the SSMPA a month ago. Nigerians hauled him for quite a long time. A couple of days back, a man was hauled for his ‘strange’ garments.

Similar individuals who will oppose ‘gay plan’ are similar ones saying Nigerians don’t denounce strange individuals. Am I living in a substitute reality or is it not this equivalent Nigeria? Clowns.”’

A Twitter client saw his string and requested that he come out to out as a gay man.

”Come out plainly…. There are unsubstantiated data out there that you sef dey gather from back. Supporter for same sex marriage with your chest”

Reacting, Ayo composed

”Thus imagine a scenario where I gather it from back. You should attempt it, it is lovely.”

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