WARNING: Video is graphic. Policeman’s hand is cut off by angry mob in Oyigbo

What started as a peaceful and properly coordinated series of protest has culminated into a platform for violence. The #EndSARS protest, in the beginning, were hugely peaceful but now, we hear news of violence every day and the culprits are supposedly these protesters. Violent acts by these protesters include, but is not limited to: burning down of public places and killings.

One classic example of these violent acts occurred today. A video which made rounds online was posted earlier today and believe me, you would not like it at all. A policeman who was believed to be behind the shootings of numerous individuals had his hands cut off and was lynched.
In a vivid description, ListAwe notes that the man’s left hand was dismembered from the wrist.
As the video goes, the policeman who appeared dead and certainly unconscious, had a call to his phone which was In his pocket. While still recording the video, someone took out the phone from his pocket and took the call.
At the moment, we cannot be sure of the policeman’s condition. As with many victims, he could still be hanging on to dear life. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that this law enforcement agent is gone to the grave. Reprisal attacks are expected and are something that should be considered.
Watch the video via the below link. Note that by the warning in the title, the video is graphic, hence; viewers discretion is advised.
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