5 Proven Steps to Quit Social Awkwardness

If you hate crowds and random strangers, consider yourself an introvert. However, if you feel nervous or intimidated around everybody and miserably fail to interact with people like a normal person, you are simply socially awkward. ‘Introvert’ and ‘Socially Awkward’ are two terms often used interchangeably, although they are not the same thing. All socially awkward people can be deemed introverts, but not all introverts are socially awkward. Many introverts are fully capable of socializing, but avoid mingling by choice; they just prefer the peace and quiet.
Socially awkward people do not stay aloof by will, and only become this way due to personal insecurities. They are constantly in fear of making a fool of themselves and suffer from an intense inferiority complex. Luckily, you can break this pattern if you follow these steps with sheer will:
Step #1: Improve your Presentation
The majority of socially awkward individuals are conscious about the way they look. The appearance of a person can make or break their confidence, so it is vital to look our best at all times. Identify what you think is wrong about your look and change it; maybe it is your hair, maybe it is your crooked teeth, or perhaps just the extra pounds. Define ‘desirable’ to yourself and simply make an effort to be that.
Do not be afraid of change and wonder what people will suspect. A new hair color or outfit can transform your entire persona. If you are overweight, start eating healthy and exercise, instead of blaming the universe and your genes.
Step #2: Never Hesitate to Be Yourself
Physical imperfections do not define you, and nobody is flawless. You may have known a picture perfect girl who is as dumb as a jellyfish; why do you think everybody likes her? She is self-confident the way she is. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, just so others will like you. When in the middle of a conversation, give your own opinion rather than repeating someone else’s remark or agreeing with it. No matter how bizarre your idea sounds, believe in it.
Do not apologize for the way you are. If you are nervous and clumsy, just admit it. Stop freaking out over small setbacks and turn them into humor. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Once you focus on all the positives in you, the negatives will fade out.
Step #3: Develop “Small Talk” Skills
Socially awkward people are typically at a loss of words. They lack a supply of conversation starters and struggle to appropriately respond to something. The reason for being lost is that their body is in the room, but their mind is not. If you really want people to befriend you, then you must show interest in them. Block your upsetting thoughts and intently listen to the people around you.
Smile more, let your expressions flow, and initiate conversation by introducing hot topics, such as the latest blockbuster, a new designer collection, or the latest political news. You must be up to date with current affairs and be aware of what people around you mostly talk about.
Step #4: Hang Out with the Social Gurus
Choose to spend time with amicable and talkative peers. Even if you have nothing in common, they will teach you the rules of socializing. Observe these people at all the work parties/school functions that you dread to attend. You will not have to talk much because they like being the center of attention. However, they will play the role of a wingman and introduce you to new groups of people. Your social status will improve through mere association and you will begin to come out of your comfort zone. Environmental factors can greatly influence our growth and development.
Step #5: Prepare to Change History
Just because something bad happened in the past does not mean it will recur in the future amid a similar situation. Accidents happen and people forget; therefore, do not hesitate to try something you failed at earlier. Don’t let old personal injuriesstop you from living your life to the fullest. When the mission is accomplished, you will bask in the satisfying sense of self-assurance.
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John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who concentrates on health, fitness, and self-development. He encourages readers to fight their fears and overcome obstacles holding them back. He believes that every person can improve the quality of his/her life by incorporating positivity and determination. He loves to share his insight on life experiences, and contributes on various online platforms in the same niche.
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